SIXAXIS will have rumble, More DLC on the way to PSN Reports:

- Karraker confirmed Immersion and Sony are in discussions on how they can incorporate their technologies into their products, meaning the SIXAXIS controller. Unfortunately he couldn't specify when this would happen.

- You will see more downloadable content on the PlayStation Store soon, such as third-party downloadable games and add-on packs. In the next few months Sony will be ramping up the third-party game demos and other content. And they will also sort out the region delays.

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ITR4193d ago

It's not that hard.
The PS3 controller is mostly empty just put them back in the handle areas.

FFVIIFan4193d ago

What's the story behind that broken controller?

ITR4193d ago

It apparently stopped working, so the guy smashed it.
I found it on some PS3 forum.

But the PS3 controller is mostly empty expect for the board and the battery.

SmokeyMcBear4193d ago

looks like a dog got to it

Pyrogenesis4193d ago

As I myself am a ps3 controller, I feel a moment of silence is in order...

That wasn't a full moment, but counts

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CyberSentinel4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Needed, not needed, needed again. So much for the future of suxassis.
Poor lemmings got to buy new controllers now. I told you so.

@fenderputty: Wrong. I already have a premium 360. I've had it since launch. There is nothing else I need to buy, except games (you know those things ps3 owners DON'T have). YOU on the other hand WILL buy new controllers, LEMMING.

@3.9: As stated, There is no need for me to upgrade my 360. EVERYTHING I need came with my premium system. My 55 inch widescreen 1080i TV doesn't have an HDMI port, and even if it did, I prefer to play my 360 on My Dell widescreen LCD with a VGA connect (better picture then ANY tv IMO). Elite is worth $480.00 IF you don't have a 360. Especially if you are a digital freak like myself. As for me being speechless, I'm far from it, he/she/whatever just isn't important enough for me to reply directly.

Blind Lemmings, when will you learn?

R34GTR4193d ago

Here you go Cyber... This ones for you. Great comment.

fenderputty4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Blind lemmings those xbots are!

First they're told HDMI won't be needed. Then they're told HDD space won't be needed. Now they have to buy a new console for HDMI or fork out 180 dollars to upgrade their HD space. Poor blind lemmings.

Seriously ... I would much rather have rumble back now that Sony has settled their lawsuit. Paying 50 bucks for another controller that I need anyway is nothing compared to being raped for more HD space.

Why are you ALWAYS one of the first to post in a positive PS3 thread?

EDIT: you seem to think I HAVE to buy a new controller. You're such a tool.

GaMr-4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

And I ask you all. Please refrain from feeding the trolls. It only makes them to continue what they do. They do it not because they believe what they are saying but because they feed off your anger and responses. Just leave him be.


Another troll rears his ugly head. As Sony steps there game up you guys sure are getting weeded out. lol

Keep trolling. you will feel better about yourself. One day. My sad little friend.

Ohhh and please phrase your statements correctly. "Your life sucks"

omfg_1114193d ago

i rather buy a new controller ... than a new console ...

consolewar4193d ago

You are the first one to start this sh*t, now you are saying back off?
Besides flaming and hating has nothing to do with consoles, games, companies etc. It's us, our lifes suck. So again please STFU and keep hating.

sajj3164193d ago

- Blind is not knowing that Sony had legal issues, thus rumble being taken out. Read Phil Harrison's interview about this ... don't be so blind.

- Blind is making a comment that there will be nothing else you'll need to buy. So you don't buy batteries for your control or at least a battery charger?

Kyur4ThePain4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Unless you want spyware [email protected] on your machine.
Dude, you should be fu(king reported for doing that, you pr!ck.

Frulond4193d ago

I guess I'll need to buy new controllers ... oh well better than need to buy an external drive to watch movies ;)

specialguest4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

"i rather buy a new controller ... than a new console ... "

Lol, so true. Damn meri_jaan, you just shocked and destroyed CyberSentinel with that statement. hahaha you left him literally speechless from that. haha

TheExecutive4193d ago

and what happens when we have motion sensing and rumble?

Merovee4192d ago

That would be a 180....

A 360 is where you go in a full circle and end up back where you started.

Note: That's not meant to be a dig on 360 fans (however it is funny as hell) But 360 degrees is a full circle.

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Rooted_Dust4193d ago

How will rumble affect the battery for the wireless controllers? It would also be nice to see some kind of trade in, since controllers are $50 a pop, or more now that they are adding rumble.

ITR4193d ago

How long does the PS3 controller last on a charge?

If they add a higher capacity battery, it could just stay the same.

I expect a price increase. Probably $60 per controller.
----------------------------- -----------------------

My Wii controller lasts around 24-30hrs on a set of batteries.
Though if your surf a lot it goes down to 18-20hrs on a set of batteries.

I just buy cheap no-name batteries.

WTF4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

No surprise here sooner or later they would do it,if the gamers wants it Sony must give.Besides many developers wants the rumble back,so good for them and for us.