BF 1943: Coral Sea Now Unlocked on PS3

GamersDigest can confirm that Coral Sea and the 'Air Superiority' mode has finally been unlocked for the PS3 version of Battlefield 1943, with 360 players having unlocked it earlier on in the week.

To play the new map and mode, look at the last option on the menu, select it just like you would select 'Quick Match' and get ready for pure dogfighting.

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Mr Remington3468d ago

Been waiting for this forev....

Wait, no I haven't.


Maddens Raiders3468d ago

else with this game -- like for it to actually be ((fun)). To be honest, after playing WarHawk for so long, this game was a waste of money for me. Don't know what I was thinking.

Montrealien3468d ago

I was not expecting anything but a 1942 on my 47" in the living room, and that is just what I got.

Having played everything BF, I must say that for 15$ I got my moneys worth, much more so then in Warhawk sadly, for some reason I never was able to get into it, even got some expansion packs for it. The 1942 formula is tried and true and never gets old for me. Great 15$ dollars spent on my PSN, without a doupt.

mugoldeneagle033468d ago

It's not showing up on the Main Menu anymore, anyone else having this problem?

I was playing last night at around 2:45 AM (CST), and a friend and I both got booted at the same time and haven't been on since. Perhaps its still down from then?

Hopefully it's up and running soon, it was a blast last night. Now if only our mic system work : /

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Stryfeno23468d ago

I was done with the game the second it was unlock on XBL.

Ninji3468d ago

It's not as fun as Warhawk.

Midris73468d ago

For not owning Warhawk yet.. I want to pick it up this weak. I just want to make sure there sre still people playing it.

MGOelite3468d ago

the servers are alive but you are gona get owned up and down the street

JonnyBigBoss3468d ago

Not as fun as Warhawk? Gosh, I wish I got Warhawk when it first came out. I went the COD4 route, and got bored after 27 online hours. I mean, that's a lot, but I get hooked by most games for a lot longer than that.

The_Beast3468d ago

its full of get in a plane.. not even 2 sec in flight i get like 343846327832 lock ons.. and i i get in a tank..2 secs later a planes bombs me

talltony3468d ago

if warhawk was a fps. I think Id like that a little more. But warhawk is awesome.

Arnon3467d ago

I f*cking love Warhawk. By far one of my favorite downloadable games on PS3 along with Pixel Junk: Monsters and WipEout HD

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sack_boi3468d ago

That didn't take long. ;)

sak5003468d ago

To be fair they got the game a day later :o

Rampant3468d ago

Xbox360-users had to wait until the game was released on ps3 before their kills were counted.

Corepred43468d ago

aaaand you think thats wrong?

Rampant3468d ago

Just pointing out that sak500 made a completely irrelevant statement. Also, the servers were down for most 360-users on the first day.

sak5003468d ago

@rampant maybe you're new so i let you off. You dint get the sarcasm did you eh? Try clicking on my profile

n4gno3468d ago

1 day later....and too many greats games to play on ps3 (that's the can't understand, with your profile ;))

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Polluted3468d ago

Pure dogfighting? How's the flying in this? I remember the last time I tried was back in Battlefield 2 for PC and it was incredibly difficult.

El_Colombiano3468d ago

It has its learning curve. I HATED it before. Its better now.

poopsack3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

we're all noobs at one time, and it isnt noob friendly at all.

All Time Greatness3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Very impressive. PS3 can't be stopped.

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