Will Flower Dev Move to Natal?

Spong: Speaking at Develop studio co-founder, Jenova Chen, said TGC will have to "rethink" its direction. "Seems the future is coming much faster than I expected", he acknowledged, apparently referring to Project Natal and the PS3 motion controller.

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-MD-3476d ago

Why not? More profit to be had.

FamilyGuy3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Things like this are why people from "sonys camp" call 360 supporters hypocrites. None of you cared for the Flow and Flower creators before but now that they said something that is forced to sound like an open statement you're ready to accept them?

Either way it's not happening, they simply meant that whatever game they were currently working on (for sony) might need to have some re-thinking towards sonys motion controller. They're a very innovative team so of course they'd want to be on the front lines of sonys newly applied technology.

If this statement were true/possible then why did they not simply make a Wii game? It already has motion controls, so it would make sense that the comment means they simply want to make one for sony since sony now has motion controls.


jessehaysfl3474d ago

Mr. Chen makes the comment

"Seems the future is coming much faster than I expected"

That means that he must be going with natal.

Granted he didnt say he wasn't so therefore he must be.......are you guys idiots? He said "Seems the future is coming much faster than I expected"....this means he is suprised by the new tech...not that he chooses one over the other. Both companies technology could be used in new an interesting ways....especially the eye updated know the stuff thats allllooottt like natal...

If TGC goes to multi then good for xbox and TGC, but to make the jump that the statement implies that TGC will be an xbox company is frigging stupid.


jessehaysfl3474d ago

If you disagree post why, don't hide....

If you have something to say, then say it. Thats why the comment section is here.

RockmanII73474d ago

well why would we care? They haven't affected us in any way, shape or form. I know about the game, but I don't really want it. You know as well as I do, though, that any game using Sonys or MSs new controllers could be big.

gaffyh3474d ago

I don't think TGC will just up and go to MS, they will have 3 games worth of experience on PS3, meaning they could easily make another game for PS3. They will most likely do something multiplat or something with the motion controllers/Natal multiplat.

Allelujah003474d ago

I thought ThatGameCompany was a Sony First Party Studio?

You learn something new everyday..

gaffyh3474d ago

@1.6 - No they just have a 3 game exclusivity deal with Sony.

Elven63474d ago

FamilyGuy: 360 fanboys on N4G may have said that, I own a 360 and to a certain extent a PS3 (deal with a friend who lives nearby :p) and I loved Flow. Not so much Flower, basically 360 fanboys on N4G only speak for a small fraction of the 360 audience much like PS3 fanboys do.

TGC would be welcome to develop for what ever system they want, they are a talented group and deserve to make money. The history around how the company started is amazing and truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

GarandShooter3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

If you mean multiple platforms means more money, agreed.

To the author:

Anyone can make unfounded assumptions, and some of us can even impart some logic. Let's try.

We'll assume the future he's talking about is the new tech, for argument's sake.

As has been rumoured/unofficially announced the PS3 motion control will debut before Natal.

Mr Chen said "Seems the future is coming much faster than I expected", and TGC will have to "rethink" its direction.

So it's the new tech, coming faster than expected (possibly Sony moving up motion release to beat Natal to the market), and Sony's tech by all accounts and rumors coming out first, one could add that up to mean their upcoming games will support Sony's motion controller, which would be the new 'direction' and has absolutely nothing at all to do with Natal.

At least my version steps through 'A,B,C,D,' and doesn't just jump to 'Z', unlike yours.

Blackbuster3474d ago

Since the people who made it are first party devs for Sony. Its got the same chance as the devs for Wipeout HD and Pixel Junk making a 360 title. That article is garbage.

gaffyh3474d ago

@1.8 - I liked Flower much much more than flow, Flow is just a flash game quality, Flower is next-gen quality.

@1.10 - As said before, TGC aren't first party devs, they have a 3 game exclusivity deal with Sony (of which they have made 2 games).

da720izcumin3473d ago

I don't remember any 360 gamer bashing flower or flow...

to tell you the truth, we don't have time for that kind of childish act...thas something people on the ps3 camp do, they bash and hate and spew dodo all the comment sections.

if I remember well, the sony kids were saying somthing like
"I'd rather buy flower anyday then a GTA DLC, which is bound to suck!!!!"

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KionicWarlord2223476d ago

"Speaking at Develop studio co-founder, Jenova Chen, said TGC will have to "rethink" its direction. "Seems the future is coming much faster than I expected", he acknowledged, apparently referring to Project Natal and the PS3 motion controller."

It just looks like he just was happy to see the new controllers.

cliffbo3474d ago

natal is NOT a controller it IS CONTROLESS!

Christopher3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Actually, the camera is the controller. You require a controller in order to interact with the application, in this case it's a camera instead of a handheld controller.

Natal is just as controller-less as Microsoft's 1080p streaming doesn't involve downloading data. The controller-less lingo is merely marketing speak.

Kind of like how there is "smart" technology, when technically it's no more intelligent than a rock considering it can only do what we program and tell it to do. The item itself, whether a phone or a bridge, has no intellect on its own.


Response to those who have PMed me in regards to this post (already? you guys are fast).

"With Natal you are the controller, not the camera."

This is insomuch as true as with every controller. Every controller requires human interaction. In Natal's case it is the recognized body movements in front of a camera as opposed to the finger controls on a handheld controller.

"How can you say Natal is a controller? You don't have to hold anything."

A controller isn't defined by an instrument which must be held and manipulated with your hands or other body parts. A controller is an intermediary device between a person and the software which the person wishes to manipulate.

The easy way to determine if Natal is controller-less is to turn on your Xbox 360 w/o a controller, stand in front of it, and wave your hands around. What happens?

The long way to determine if Natal is controller-less is to wait for Natal to come out and see how much they charge your for a device that you shouldn't need to use if it was really controller-less.

Sonyslave33476d ago

Flower coming to xbox 360 nice

KionicWarlord2223476d ago

Why did you have to start a fight now?


PieterM3475d ago

I'd like to see this happening from a dev that works inside the Sony Santa Monica Studios.

The fact that it is hedged in with "apparently", makes it a dubious statement, especially since it could very well refer to the fact that they might start working with the sony controller as well.

brain_ape3475d ago

Say. What a crap article.