Xbox360 XNA Prototype 1GB Dev Kit with Full Sidecar

Last weekend xbox-scene posted the first pictures of an Xbox 360 dev kit with 1GB of RAM. That device, 'Frankie the 1GB XNA', was a custom modified devkit with just the 512MB-RAM-addon without the rest of the sidecar. Today they released pictures of a 1GB XNA prototype development kit with the entire, blueish, sidecar.

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xino3469d ago


coolirisGB3469d ago

Whats funny? thats the way it looks.

Red rings mean more things than "death" a dev kit probably uses the lights differently than even the retail consoles. lol


The powerbuton is blue???? with one red light probobly E74.

JsonHenry3467d ago

Has anyone heard why they are shipping with more RAM? Or is just a little head room for the Devs? I wonder if Natal will have RAM included in it for whatever functionality an extra 512megs of RAM would provide through a USB connection.

FragMnTagM3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

The 1gb of RAM is strictly for the devs so they can debug and run the code at the same time instead of cutting into the 512 like they used to.

On another note, the XBOX with the sidecar reminds me of this pic:

ShabzS3467d ago

i think its for their new x engine .... gamasutra has a lot of praise for it .... apparantly their first project with it is with halo reach ... but the 1 gb ram is already put to good use ... looking at forza 3 and alan wake ... they should have done this earlier...

Kleptic3467d ago

yeah its the same with the PS3...the PS3 dev kits apparently have had 1gb of total ram since early 2007...

but its just for developer head allows them to get playable code up much faster, which is good for early stages of development and get a good idea of gameplay mechanics and how they should work...then optimize it back down to run on the 'weaker' home units...

PirateThom3467d ago

It also allows them to run debug tools without affect game performance.

Basically, it helps development and anything that helps development is a big gold star.

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-MD-3469d ago

Think one light means a cord isn't plugged in all the way.

ShabzS3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

i remember the sequence ... its 1 light for the hard drive error ... 2 lights for the over heat error and 3 lights is for the gpu error(the infamous rrod) ... four lights is coz of an unattached component cable...

since the dev kit attatches to the hard drive slot ... i'm guessing thats reason for the 1 light ? not an error just a indication that its all set to go ?

user39158003468d ago

N4G running out off ideas, here its one, officially state that the PS3 sucks like no other console in the history of gaming, and you wouldn't be too far off.

PS3 are been leaked constantly by insane fandroids (fact).

AngryTypingGuy3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

I prefer the 360 also, but I wouldn't say the PS3 sucks. It's a great, powerful console. Both MS and Sony work very hard to outdo each other and it shows with how great their products are.

I like Sony (even though I'll take the 360 any day of the week), I just hate Sony fanboys. Scratch that, I don't even hate all Sony fanboys. I just hate the ones who refuse to admit anything good about the 360 and who think that Sony is superior in every single way, which unfortunately, seem to be the majority of fanboys on this website.

RockmanII73468d ago

I would really like a blue ring when I turn on and maybe a green ring of death... except without the death part

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