Nintendo Wii Keyboard One Step Closer To Reality?

It looks like the thousands of Wii owners clamoring for a keyboard may finally have their dreams come true. Yes, a keyboard for Nintendo Wii is being considered by the company, and surfing on Opera may become a much speedier activity.

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ITR4194d ago

Bring it on!

Also what happened to the wireless nunchuck I heard them developing?

Mushu4264193d ago

that probably was a rumor. One thing I have learned from reading a ton of stuff on nintendo is that everything they do is either because of a technicial issue or a cost issue. Think about it, if the nunchuck was wireless then insted of $20 it would be $40 like the wiimote. Secondly, you would pay more for rechargeable batteries regardless of a charge station. In an official nintendo article on nintendo was very very insistant on making anything for the wii inexpensive as possible. So I don't see them doing that. Or it could be a technical issue. you already have to sync the wiimote to the wii with a wireless nunchuck that would require you to sync the wireless nunchuck to the wiimote first then sync it agian tot he wii. Form what they told about bluetooth and syncing when I asked why only 4 controllers, I would guess it to be a limit of technology. I myself would believe it to be both.