'Prince of Persia': Exclusive first look at star Jake Gyllenhaal

For Jake Gyllenhaal, playing Prince Dastan in Jerry Bruckheimer's epic Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, due May 28, 2010, was a chance to get into some serious action. (Paparazzi photos of Gyllenhaal on-set have appeared previously, but this is the first official shot of him in character.)

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MasterChief36243468d ago

Back when Jerry Bruckheimer was good, and his name actually held significant quality, I would have loved to see this movie go on to do great things. But ever since the Pirates trilogy, he has been going down a crappy path in moviemaking.

I'm not nearly as excited for this movie as I would have been a few years ago, when he was still a good producer, and not all about the money.

Sarcasm3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

I thought they would have a Persian or at the least, an Iranian actor to play the role.

Oh well, looks interesting

Lucreto3468d ago

If this was not a Hollywood film then there would be more of a chance an Iranian actor to get the part.

I know some parts of America that have banned Disneys Aladdin

LeShin3468d ago

What?!! Seriously?! Some parts of America have banned Aladdin?!!!!!

Omg.....<shakes head>

Lucreto3468d ago

Not sure which state but it is one of the same states that boycotted Harry Potter for promoting witchcraft and that the Harry Potter actor is atheist.

They banned Aladdin because it said praise Allah a few times. They thought it was secretly promoting Islam. I don't know if it is still the case but it was around the time of the Freedom Fries thing.

KillerPwned3468d ago

wow i knew about that harry potter stuff but the aladdin stuff is just retarded. People complain about the dumbest things anymore.

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Sir Pervert3468d ago

I'm still holding out that this could be good.
I mean it doesn't look horrible the director is good as is the actor, the basic story from PoP is also good.
Yes I know most video game adaptation to movies end up sucking but this could be the one that's actually good or decent(which is still an improvement). if it gets 3/5 or more on average from critics that know their stuff then it's a success.

SuperSaiyan43468d ago

Prince of which place? 'Persia' aka Iran...How many Princes in 'Iran' have been white I wonder...I hate it when movie industries don't use the correct race for their movies...

Avenged Sevenfold3468d ago

PoP: TSoT was a great great game. Hopefully the movie is good.

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