GameOnn: Battlefield 1943 Review

Despite it's connection problems, Battlefield 1943 is well worth the £12 ($15) asking price. Sitting just below The Lost and Damned as the top nugget of downloadable content, it's fair to see that this will be one of the most played games across the summer. The fact is, after hours of play, there are so many standout moments that force you to discuss your conflicts with friends.

Whether you've dived out of a plane at the last second to heroically escape, shot an enemy parachute while gliding in the yourself, or even taken out an unsuspecting victim with a katana, Battlefield 1943 will keep you thoroughly entertained well beyond it's price tag.

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I cant believe how much fun this game is. It reminded me that a game doesnt have to be AAA status to be a ton of fun.

HarukoHex3474d ago

or have a massive amount of stuff to do, this game is just so much fun with *3 maps that ive seen and 6 hours ive played* its great.