Additional Information About Valkyria Chronicles 2

More details are out about Valkyria Chronicles 2 including character descriptions and combat changes.

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Homicide3469d ago

VC 2 looks great for a PSP game. I don't like the art style - it looks like your average anime design.

phalanx_mark3469d ago

they've had to modify the art style since psp cant run the Canvas engine sega used in the PS3 title, still it looks remarkably close and artistically speaking looks beautiful

-MD-3469d ago

I still don't understand why this isn't on the PS3.

UltimateIdiot9113469d ago

Why can't it be on the PSP? If Sega executes this right, it will encourage more people to purchase the first one. It could unlock bonus missions/weapons onto the original VC through PS3 and PSP link.

I would love to play VC on the go. I still wish for a prequel since there are a lot of things left to explain. Hopefully that will be on the PS3.

-MD-3469d ago

It's just me being greedy because while I own a PS3 I sold my PSP back during launch because I was disappointed with it. And it irks me a sequel to a great game is on an entirely different platform.

I wish they would have done the game on the PS3 and just ported it to the PSP.

Hallucinate3469d ago

isnt it obvious your so obsessed with sales numbers you think you would know but w/e

the first one on ps3 sold like sh1t and it cost alot of money to devolep on ps3 so they lowered the production cost and raised the install base (i think) by going to psp thus maximizing profits although i agree it is dissappointing to see it on a crappy hand held would be so bad if the thing has to analog nubs but nooooooooo some a55hole at sony decided to have one

bankai3469d ago

yeah, and the reason it didnt sell was because sega decided not to advertise it at all. thats the same thing sega did with the yakuza series, and then decided not to bring yakuza 3 here because the other two didnt sell worth a sh*t.

sega can make some great games if they stay away from sonic. they have some great development teams but if they have a marketing team, its nonexistent

Obama3469d ago

Actually it sold more than half a million and Sega apparently is quite satisfied with it. TOV sold almost twice as less on the 360 but Namco is still making the Tales series right. So sales may not play a big part in this.

bankai3469d ago

i was simply comparing that to the reason sega gave us about yakuza 3

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bankai3469d ago

the psp is getting JRPG love, im really glad.

now if only the PS3 can get more of that love

SeraphimBlade3468d ago

Hmm... it has some potential. I'm interested to see how the school segments work into gameplay.