WAR: Did Mythic Give it the Chance it Needed?

Once again, Mythic decides to merge more of Warhammer Online's servers. It's a move that the company has caught a lot of flak for in the past, with arguments coming from both sides. Some fans were initially upset that Mythic didn't start merging servers earlier in the game, and with more frequency. They complained that the company-and its CEO at the time; Mark Jacobs-needed to swallow its pride and admit that servers were so unbalanced they were virtually unplayable.

A smaller number of people thought the MMO just needed time to flourish, and that perpetual server merges were destroying the game. They complained that the merges were breaking up guilds and making it difficult for players to stabilize on one specific server. Another complaint was that the merges looked terribly bad to the media and would-be players, who might lose faith in the game and never give it a chance.

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