Insomniac Teams up with Extreme Home Makeover (Video)

The American Tv program Extreme Home Making along with Insominiac games are making a paralyzed boys dreams come true by making character in the upcoming Ratchet and Clank game for the PS3.

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fenderputty4197d ago

having a character modled after you must be pretty cool. Neat gameply shots too.

Plancy4197d ago

The kid didn't seem excited at all about it...I think I'd be jumping.

ct1g3r4197d ago

is that supposed to be a sick joke or something. he is paralyzed

techie4197d ago

yuh it's the guy in the chair not the kid standing up...woah

chitown4197d ago

i cant wait for the next RC game i want naughty dog to announce jak. jak and ratchet are awesome

Lord Anubis4197d ago

That was very cool and kind, Insomniac are the best!

Rybnik4197d ago

This really is a great thing. Also, the footage looks pretty good as well, especially as this is really early. They threw his character together in just a week! There will be a lot of polish added as the game progresses.

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