Koku Gamer: Worms iPhone Video Review

Koku Gamer writes: "I was extremely excited when I first heard Worms would be coming to the iPhone. While not a flawless port, it is what I would call the epitome of iPhone games I look for. This being the type of game I can pick up for 5-10 minutes, enjoy myself, put it down, and still be looking forward to playing again in a future, short gaming session."

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Xeall3472d ago

Like the review, Iphone/touch games are moving quickly and worms is the perfect level of simplicty for control. I'd get it, if the 360 version hadnt hooked me already

Ziriux3472d ago

I just played the game, as I downloaded about two hours ago. I managed to get a code for it, while at times it was frustrating to control it, it was def. fun. I do prefer the 360 version of Worms 2 still.

Jorrel563472d ago

Can't wait for online multiplayer

Ziriux3472d ago

That should be a good addition but i dont see changing my mind in any way since I thing the game is great as it is.

Polluted3472d ago

Looks nice. I prefer the old style 2d Worms games over the 3d ones they've been making lately.