IGN: We have a PS3 Slim "for real"

VG247: Whoops. Either IGN's "having a laugh" on the subject of PS3 Slim, or someone just made a rather large booboo.

Speaking in the latest Game Scoop! podcast, an IGN staffer appears to confirm the site has a PS3 Slim in the office. The other speakers then say the console is "under wraps" and someone timestamps the recording to edit the comment out.

Guess someone forgot to make the cut.

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cRaZyLeGs 933474d ago

I wouldn't be suprised if sony made it up to see how people would react to it, but yeah it's just a matter of time till it's comfirmed.

iamtehpwn3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I listened to the Nintendo Podcast IGN had back when the Wii came out, before I lost interest in it...and They talked about Tales of Symphonia 2 a month before it was even announced.

They still could be Joking, I did not believe them about Tales of Symphonia 2 for wii, but that ended up happening.

FamilyGuy3474d ago

These guys aren't very funny. They try though...

DMason3474d ago

Something smells fishy here. My theory is this:

IGN left this little blurb about the Slim because they need to attract more attention to their podcast. According to some data that I saw, their podcast is no where near the level of popularity that it used to be. Sony gave the go ahead to let them drop it, in turn for some other favor I'm sure.

Conspiracy theories at their best! :)

gintoki7773474d ago

whats the big deal sony sent me 3 by accident

Jerkapotamus3474d ago

I listen to all of IGN's podcasts and this was definitely a joke. It's not the first time it's been joked about either.

Hitman_Legend3474d ago

I listen to Game Scoop every week and that was obviously a joke, and it sounded like they were going to make a prank video to go along with it.

ofx3603473d ago

or are the people that wrote the article and the people that believe this really that retarded?

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Lfmesquite3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Heard all the rumors before. It's just bullcrap.

Nike3474d ago

Maybe. But after Sony's vehement denials and mockeries of IGN's past PSP Go stories, I remain skeptical.

HrMagni3474d ago

Well in the podcast beyond at ign they have been constantly joking that they have a ps3 slim in the podcast room with them you just couldnt see it because they where all looking on it from the side. So must likely it is continuation of that joke. Since some of the members of the beyond podcast are also in the Game scoop podcast.

mrv3213474d ago

When is Sony big 3 hour press thing? If it's soon them having slim isn't too far fetched. Seeing as if Sony announce the slim the will wnat as many previews as possiple up.

MattyF3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

They are joking about it and have been for a while in previous podcast. They are joking about it because the Slim is the worst kept secret right now. If it was real, they would have taken that segment out for sure.

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