TheSixthAxis: Sony's Gamescom 2009: What To Expect

TheSixthAxis writes: "There have been no end of rumours flying about recently, some backed up with some pretty solid evidence and some based on pure conjecture, but three and a half years into this generation I think it's safe to say that the game has somewhat changed. What was seen as a likely console lifecycle has been brushed off by both Microsft and Sony. Nintendo's Wii threw everyone off the mark when announced, and later even more so by its success, opening up the floodgates to a market that has since seemed unreachable. Add this together with the current economic climate and you start to get a picture of where the key aims for the PS3 should lie. With the core gamers now settled in, the casual mass market and the console's cost are going to be the key focus of Sony's strategy for the future and as the rumours suggest, this is exactly where they are headed. So, with that out the way, lets have a look at what offerings we can expect from Sony's epic three hour showing at Gamescom".

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Lfmesquite3471d ago

PS3 slim and Price cut make a lot of sense for PS3. But as we all know, Sony just hasn't made too much sense with the decisions about the PS3 this whole generation, and I don't expect that to change now.

RememberThe3573471d ago

The precedences at the end of each section seem way too high. I think it's more of a 50% change we'll see a price cut, and 35% chance we'll see a Slim.

But, you never know, they've got the stage for 3 freakin hours!

SnuggleBandit3471d ago

gt5 + slim + price cut (hopefully)

Mr Remington3471d ago

Well I've already got a PS3, so price cut and slim doesn't really effect me.

GT5, some Home integration (I wouldn't mind using that virtual dust collector every once in a while), 3.0 is a big one, and more MAG info would be all that I ask for.

El Botto3471d ago

3 hours long. Im expecting BIG THINGS.

For starters, more news, info, presentation, maybe even games line up for the PS3 "motion wand" project.

More PSP news
Maybe a PS3 slim and/ or price cut (although I doubt it)

Big MS game to be announced for PS3

And MS has no conference. I didnt expect anything else because they dont have anything left to show for. Bah.

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RememberThe3573471d ago

If only to see if there is any news of the Slim. Or even a solid release date for MAG.

Oh, and I'd love to see them show off the motion controller in something other then a tech demo. First-party support? Maybe? Please.

PirateThom3471d ago

Considering they had less than 2 hours at E3 and managed to show a load of games as well as new hardware and boring stuff, the three hours could be good.

DonCorneo3471d ago

then GT5 release date @TGS

El Botto3471d ago

As expected, the bots at XBOX HQ has nothing to show for.

Unless, the bots here think that avatar racing is the next big thing MS has not announced yet?

Like Geoff Keighley in his interview with Schappert after E3 and Geoff asked him: "what other non announced game does MS still have in store for us?"

And Schappert said: "we still have avatar racing coming"

And Geoff just laughed at that point. Enough said.

interrergator3471d ago

my predictions 3 new games an awesome firmware update hmmmm wat else. show more of mag and ratchet. uncharted ik is gona be hands down awesome so dont show that uhh ff versus 13 (i doubt it but why not ) hmmm not much

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