Little Big Planet and Grand Turismo in action on the PSP Go

Footage of the anticipated upcoming games LittleBigPlanet and Gran Turismo coming for the PSP.

Footage is demonstrated on the PSP Go.

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40cal3470d ago

Little Big Planet is looking very nice as a portable experience. I'm pretty sure that's an Australian themed level in the video, very nice.

Gran Turismo is going to set the bar in portable racing games this October just like it has on consoles for generations. I'm so ready to buckle up and play with that massive garage.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3469d ago

The guy playing LBP f*cking sucked! Seriously, he's really bad.

BTW I will be buying a White PSPgo, LBP and GT :D

Blow Out Your Brains3470d ago

Put COD or Resistance on one of these and I'm sold.

mrv3213470d ago

Reistance is allready on PSP :P

Buy it!

Blaze9293470d ago

COD is also on the PSP already as well

RememberThe3573470d ago

Yeah they're both on the PSP already. Resistance is freakin awesome by the way.

clacksman3470d ago

Good job spelling Gran Turismo correctly ... on the second try.

Chubear3470d ago

XD I'm guilty of making that mistake myself too XD

40cal3470d ago

Got it paid in full and I'm ready to put that 800 car garage in my pocket. Damn I'm excited.

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