Sony PSP: Adhoc Party Time, Excellent

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Adhoc Party is yet another innnovative way the PSP connects to your PlayStation 3. Adhoc Party uses your PS3 internet connection to extend the PSP's reach to local-only mulitplayer games such as Final Fantasy: Dissidia, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Sony has been beta testing this service in Japan for near a year now, and is downloadable from Japanese PS Store.

Now Sony is showing signs of bringing this exciting service to the US..."

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Nitrowolf23473d ago

i use this all the time, it pretty sweet i just hope us decides to release one, would like to know what those other options are


u know....i always thought that sony would come out with their own pokemon type game.

pretty much same concepts, except you control your pokeballs/cards or fighters on the psp screen, but you watch the action unfold in 1080p in some slick graphics not capable on psp.

After the psp being out ofr like 5 years now, i dont expect these features anymore.

I do however expect em for psp2

Nitrowolf23473d ago

actually there is one i beleive remeber seeing a vid about it sometime ago

sinncross3473d ago

There is this new game called Invizimals for the PSP which uses the PSP camera.

Its like pokemon.

MazzingerZ3473d ago

How does it work?
If I have a PSP can I game online with other PSP owners in my area? or in a remote location? or they have to be in my living room?

ThanatosDMC3472d ago

I want to connect my PS3 wirelessly to my modem instead of wired connection... the only reason i cannot use Adhoc Party.

Myst3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

"How does it work?"

Ad-hoc party is essentially a program that makes your PS3 act like a tunneling device and "tricks" the PSP into thinking that others with PSPs are around you. Since their is no "online" mode for some PSPs' Ad-hoc party seeks to remedy that situation.

"If I have a PSP can I game online with other PSP owners in my area?"

+Yes, and well no at the same time in ad-hoc party you can see other PSP users, but you can't play with them just yet. You basically have to make a room (which comes in sizes of 4 and 8, but you can also connect 2 PSPs on the system [You can also do more, but for some games it's not needed] So the max alloted people in a room is 16. Anyway after you have created the room then you can see people as long as the PSP icon is light up (See the First image)

"or in a remote location?"

+They can be anywhere in the world, my friend and I have played with Monster Hunter 2G people in Japan and I've also played with others who lived in Europe as well as those in Pacific time zone while I'm in the eastern.

"or they have to be in my living room?"

+If you have a friend you can both sync up and find others to play with online, though they don't have to be there as stated a bit above as long as they have both systems' it's possible to play with them.

Ad-hoc party is also like a few of the PS3 games in a way it has blue tooth support and you can even mute mics if you so desire to.

Myst3472d ago

I have a theory about that actually, the same way I got my 360 to connect to live via my laptop, I wonder if the same way would work for the PS3? Since mine is already sitting at the router and I just don't feel like moving it now I won't try it, but I believe it may work it seems like it might.

{edit} Yep it worked Thanatos ad-hoc party seemed to start up fine for me. Here is one of many youtube links to get everything set up via a laptop or desktop I suppose

Glad I tested this out, now I can play while just laying in my bed!

Redempteur3472d ago

i use it tooo ... it's a damn goood program and it's increasing it's compatibility list ...

ThanatosDMC3472d ago

Thanks. I'll try it out. I hope it works for me.

MazzingerZ3467d ago

Thank you for the detailed answer Nuri, really nice of you to take your time to write that. Now I know and looking forward to the western released of it!

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Lifewish3473d ago

i bet it is pretty cool indeed

Sev3473d ago

The info I got says this has been around in Japan for almost a year. Why haven't I ever heard of it?

Sounds like some really innovative stuff.

Karum3472d ago

I heard about this a few months ago actually.

In a class I was taking I met a fellow gamer and ofc we'd talk about all kinds of gaming stuff and he mentioned this application being on the Japanese PS Store, I think he also said he and some of his friends tried ot out whilst over in Japan which is how he found out about it in the first place.

gintoki7773473d ago

now if only it worked with wireless connection

Polluted3473d ago

Check this out:

It does work wirelessly. I haven't had a PSP for long and I still haven't bothered playing any MP games with it, but this ad-hoc party thing sounds like a great way to connect.

Myst3473d ago

If only there was a way for it to work wirelessly for those who live in places where they are unable to get to a wired connection. Overall though a good service.

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