A Love Letter to Valkyria Chronicles

One Limit Break writer expressed her undying devotion to a game that proves war is about more than death--it's about life.

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BulletToothtony3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

but i think i really need to pick this up along with infamous.. after so many overwhelming comments by hundreds of people.. i'm picking this up this weekend..

Ps_alm3k3471d ago

the sequel ended up on psp....

rucky3471d ago

I bought two copies, one at launch and an extra for my friend on his b-day. I cried a little when i've learned that VC2 was going to the PSP. I hate PS3 owners ESPECIALLY you f*cktards that keep spouting "VC BETTA THAN ALL 360 RPGS COMBINE!!!", who prolly didn't bought the game in the first place. Buy the f*cking game and put down COD just for a week and see what you've been missing.

blacksniper3470d ago

Were you really sad that it's going to the psp and not the PS3.