OXM: Bayonetta Preview

There's just one golden rule when you're playing Sega's sassy, lightning-quick beat-'em-up: Don't expect anything to make sense. In other words, don't worry your pretty little head about how it's possible that witchy Bayonetta's entire outfit is completely constructed out of… hair. Also, don't waste any time wondering how that follicle-tastic outfit can find a way to melt off her body and take the form of, say, a giant, fuzzy stiletto heel stomping on a gaggle of…angels. And don't worry! Those aren't really angels! Or at least that's what Sega has been alluding to. Throw in a special stripperpole dance move that's enabled by an angelic spear, and Bayonetta has officially won the 2009 WTF Award before it's even released.

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