Gamervision: Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Review

Gamervision writes: "When it comes to rhythm games using plastic instruments, I have been pretty vocal about my adoration for the Rock Band series. However, that doesn't mean I've forgotten how I came to love these games in the first place: the Guitar Hero franchise. The moment the demo for the first Guitar Hero hit GameStops, I was instantly obsessed, and I spent an obscene amount of time mastering the setlists of Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II (on the PS2 and 360, even). After the lackluster Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s, Harmonix jumped ship and went on to create Rock Band, while Guitar Hero III failed to capture the same magic and addictiveness that the previous games in the series had. Because of this, 2008 was the first year that I didn't buy a Guitar Hero game, instead saving my money for Rock Band 2 and accompanying downloadable content."

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