Gaming Evolution Reviews The Conduit

The Conduit is the latest hyped up game for the Nintendo Wii, brought to us by the veterans over at Sega. It attempts to bring more hardcore gamers over to the Wii through a visually impressive first person shooter. You play the game as Secret Service Agent Michael Ford as you try to save the world or stop the alien forces. The plot for the game is a bit murky your never quite sure what the ultimate goal is or what your trying to do other then survive and kill as many aliens and rogue agents who are supposed to be your allies. The plot of the story is told to you through communications you receive prior to the levels. This is not as snazzy or impressive as other first person shooters deal with the whole telling of the story. Although they do attempt to fix this by adding, radios throughout the levels that are hidden that provide you with more information while you are fighting the aliens.

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