PushSquare: Gran Turismo on Playstation Portable Blow-Out Preview

PushSquare: "Somewhat of a shock announcement during Sony's E3 2009 conference, Gran Turismo PSP had been rumoured for many, many years but never materialised. Gran Turismo 4 Mobile was announced as one of the flag-ship titles of the original PSP but dropped off the radar. Set to commemorate the launch of the PSP Go this October 1st, Gran Turismo PSP will provide plenty of on-the-go content for fans of the franchise.

We take a look at what you can expect from the game when it releases in just a few months time."

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CobraKai3476d ago

I thought i saw new realtime screens of the game and it didn't look as good as the pic they are showing.


the pic is from gt5p. anyone with a ps3 can easily tell

rockleex3475d ago

The pic on this N4G article, its from Prologue.

JonnyBigBoss3476d ago

I played it at E3 and it's a really solid handheld game. It's just like Gran Turismo 2 from what I saw.

CobraKai3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Wow I just saw the video from youtube and really does look that good. Also I think i want a pspgo all of a sudden.

When I say that good, I mean compared to GT2 not the above screenshot.

rockleex3475d ago

Certain aspects such as the reflection on the cars look even better than GT4's.


alot of us are basically going to have to buy a new one.

there is no way i would trade all my emus on my pspslim for 1 game.

Since they removed the umd drive i sure hope they made the speakers louder. The fatpsp speakers were the loudest and clearest in my opinion.

NegativeCreep4273476d ago

This game with GT5 connectivity has already over-sold me.

"As the unofficial PSP Go “Launch Title”, Gran Turismo PSP will be available as a download via the Playstation Store. However, series designer Kazunori Yamauchi was quick to quell thoughts that it would be a stripped down Gran Turismo game. He claimed that while the game will be under 1GB in size, it will run at 60FPS"

In the eyes of the hardcore gamers, PSP Go is certainly destined to fail...*obvious sarcasm*

keysy4203475d ago

wiht out the ps3 this game looks better than forza3