Fallout 3 customised armour mods

Armour is essential if you want to survive in the Wasteland. Fallout 3 has a wealth of body armour and clothing already, but here are some user-created mods which will appeal to the hardened Fallout veteran.

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QuantumWake3474d ago

Really cool armour mods. The first one is really cool! Ive downloaded house expansions for Fallout 3 for Megaton but it was kind of a waste of 5000 caps. But the first one is really.... Sexy. ;]

dreamtheater873474d ago

Gotta love the PC gaming community. Visit for a huge collection of all the best mods. Check out Real Time Settler, a mod that allows you build and manage your very on settlement anywhere in the wasteland, just like an RTS.

Mitsumoto3473d ago

Most of the Armor Mods i have are amazing.