ESRB censors violent God of War III videos

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Late last night, the ESRB forced the removal of several gruesome God of War III trailers and replaced them with censored versions. Two of the more notorious scenes shown thus far from the game, one where Kratos rips the eye out of a cyclops and one where Kratos tears the head of Helios from his body, were blocked out by a big 'censored by the ESRB' logo. The two scenes both showed detailed flesh tearing and gore.

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gauntletpython3476d ago

WTF? They better not remove those scenes... I thought the age gate would have allowed them to show the uncensored videos?

Trollimite3476d ago

i think its about time someone put the esrb in their place! these fukers.. are going to ruin gaming as we know it! please sony, microsoft, god, jesus! please dont let the mess this up for us!

SevWolf3476d ago

Well, they're still fu<kers for doing what they did, at least they didn't censor the part where Kratos tears the centaur's guts out

gamesR4fun3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

ppl should stand up to this bs

who the heck gave em the power to control what we see!

Traveler3476d ago

Censorship of any media, whether it be books, movies, paintings, sculptures or video games, is wrong.

If you aren't free to decide to see what you choose, to that degree you aren't really free.

This kind of abuse of power should be opposed.

menoyou3476d ago

Damn liberals. What a cursed group of people.

NMC20073476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

They share the same sentiment I am sure, they censor pussies and tits and everything good.

ESRB says "pussies are for the lose".

40cal3476d ago

Right on bro, right the F on!

Even on this site. Shame.

"Your comments contains 1 words that are not allowed
The word is not allowed: ****"


The Great Melon3475d ago


This is not politics, liberals don't care about this stuff. Conservatives would be more likely to censor this kind of thing if you are trying to draw connections, because many of them are of the family-matters kind. But whatever... Lets not bring politics in, I am rather fed up with both parties.

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shadowfox3476d ago

What the hell is this crap? Reminds me eerily of the Manhunt 2 situation. I wonder if Sony Santa Monica will go for an AO rating at first just to stir up some hysteria and hype in the public eye?

himdeel3476d ago

...would be aces in my book. It would make the epicness of this game that much more rememberable and increase my salivation for it by a factor of 4000000000000000.2

rockleex3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Over 9,000!!!! :O

Instead of "AO", as in Adults Only, they need to replace it with "O9", as in Over 9,000 for God of War 3. >:D

ublender3476d ago

This is really not looking good. The ESRB better not try to butcher the game and Sony better not even let them try.

ZombieNinjaPanda3476d ago

I thought it was the ESRB's job to just tell people how bad a game is, not rape it and remove everything that can be considred "violent" from it.

menoyou3476d ago

^They have influence over what can and can't get released in stores.

FrankFoxJaegar3476d ago

can't wait til they reveal the sex scene, which the developers confirmed will not be with a woman... that'll cause some REAL drama.

Spawnofgods3333476d ago

Im guessing Kratos bangs a goddess
That would truly make the game EPIC!!!

SuperM3476d ago

Kratos better not be gay. That would really disappoint me

PataponKnight3476d ago (Edited 3476d ago )

Could be by the lines of something like this but I highly doubt it.

Spawnofgods3333476d ago

Bad press is good press
they are only fueling more sales with this

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