Four Playstation RPGs That Should Come to PSP

Associated Content: "Launching in 2005, the PSP has unexpectedly become the video game system for old Playstation RPGs whether if it is remakes (Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Persona and Star Ocean: First Departure), ports (Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Suikoden I + II and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth) or PSOne Classics (Final Fantasy VII and Wild Arms). Then again, the original Playstation was home to some of the best RPGs of all time.

So which Playstation RPGs from the past should come to the PSP next?"

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sinncross3473d ago

I think if Sony ever announce a Legend of Dragoon 2, they will surely bring the first t othe PSN as a PS1 classic: that way both PS3 and PSp users will get the game.

I suppose the same can be said abotu the rest fo that list but I am surprised that the PS1 classics don't have more RPG's in them.