The Dirty Backstabbing Mess Called Betamax vs VHS

"Sony was supposed to win this. The company made magnetic tape out of like paper and mud back in the 1940s, turned out a "pocketable" transistor radio in the 1950s, and invented the "portable" television by 1960. They had their first video tape recorder by 1963. They weren't the only ones, but they were among the first and best."

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Gue13473d ago

After reading all this I'm just glad that Blu-ray won the format war. People that supported the HD-dvd were just a bunch of morons, period.

If you look back you'll see that the principal problem was always the freaking space. Blu-ray and HD-dvd are virtually identical on everything but the Sony's format was superior on one thing and that's on the space department. It seems that greater space is what helps a format to last longer. HD movies weren't recorded on DVD because it just wasn't possible because of the space. And even Microsoft had to come with a new disc called DVD9 to fit their HD games on one disc.

Another thing I noted on this article is that Sony is stupid as ****. They get betrayed by everybody. First it was Panasonic with the VHS and then it was Nintendo with the PlayStation... What was next?

Sarick3471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

The larger format that could hold more data or time took the lead. It's closer to the Blu-ray HD-DVD situation. In the Batamax vs VHS the difference was the record time (capacity). I assume the cost difference stacked with the performance caused a double whammy for batamax.

On the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD the blu-ray was also higher capacity. The blu-rays cost more to manufacture yet managed to come out on top. This would contradict the price vs performance of that old generation players as the higher performance product cost less.

I suppose SONY's PS3 did play a major role in blu-rays success even though it was the more costly version.