PSPgo barriers off-putting for indies

"iPhone developers Johnny Two Shoes (The Heist, Banana Dash), Normalware (Bebot) and Firemint (Flight Control) believe the PSPgo cannot go toe-to-toe with the App Store and shouldn't try to."

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sinncross3473d ago

Im confused here, Sony announced a few months ago a programme which would make it easier for smaller devs to develop for Sony as Sony would pay for all publishing costs while the title remains the sol property of the developer.

But some of these guys don't seem that well informed anyways.. the one says that if the downloaded games are made available for existing PSP users then maybe they'll look into development. I can see some PSP Go exclusive content but honestly, why wouldn't the download titles be made available for the normal PSP's when the normal PSP's can already download games onto memory sticks for use?

omc_033473d ago

the guy just seems like he isn't in the loop. Obviously the sony app store is going to be launching on all types of PSP's and maybe even the PS3, who knows?

p.s i love this quote in the article, "The PSPgo has "approximately zero" owners at the moment"

lol thank you captain obvious