OTTG: InFamous Review

OTTG writes: "From the moment you start playing InFamous you won't be blown away. It's not the most technically stunning game on the PS3 and there are some moments which look rough, but after the first couple of hours exploring Empire City you will be jumping, climbing and shocking enemies and overall just having fun."

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Chapulin3468d ago

one of the best games this year.


How people (ps3 fans primarily) cant afford to buy this incredible game but they went without hesitate to preorder a $150.00 "prestige" edition of a game. There is nothing more that Sony could do to promote their games...The PS3 fanboys simply not buy them. I said fanboys becase they are the ones that spent their entire life posting here yet dont buy PS3 exclusives and preffer to follow the trend and preorder such games. I have inFAMOUS and as I said in another site I better spend my $150 bucks in Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clanck a crack in time and MAG that buying just only one game. To everyone their own I understand.

BTW I love my PS3 and I bougth its exclusives...