There are no additional characters in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

When Nintendo demoed the premiere gameplay of New Super Mario Bros. Wii at E3, there were four different characters used. Mario, Luigi, and two toads were available. However

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knox3476d ago

thats kidna sad, i cant play as bowser =(

Smacktard3476d ago

That's just plain lazy.

tplarkin73476d ago

They just keep making the same old games (literally) and people continue to buy it.

Sibs3475d ago

It cuts down on dev costs :)

Kamikaze1353476d ago

There's a video on Youtube.

live2play3476d ago

the only new character i need is YOSHI!!!1!ONE! anyways i was like what? toads? who wants to use the toads?! but iveseen gameplay of toads and i gotta honestly say that the toads look like fun to play with. especially when they are small(sans shroom) they look fnny with the big heads trying to balance themselves. honestly guys i was bummed out o but just gives the toads a chance and you see what i saw

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The story is too old to be commented.