Top 3 JRPG that must be revived by a sequel

Ahmad Dajani from said "Square-Enix, what the fuck are you doing this generation ? where is the top JRPGs you used to deliver during last generations of consoles ?"

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Myst4251d ago know I forgot all about Skies of Arcadia, I wouldn't mind if that was revived and was brought back into the light of day.

immortal844251d ago

Skies of arcadia is one of the best JRPGs i have ever played , hope sega consider making a sequel.

Myst4251d ago

@immortal84: I agree, I probably should re-buy it again since I loaned it to a friend in the past and haven't seen it since then. Hopefully Gamestop has it.

@Spoony: Is it? Looks like I'll have to borrow my mother's DS now :/

immortal844251d ago

Square soft before they came square-enix used to deliver a ton of quality games during ps1 & ps2 era,so there is something wrong. They are the main company responsible for the downside of jrpgs nowdays.

Bnet3434251d ago

List fails for not including Legend of Dragoon.

BLuKhaos4251d ago

I'm disappointed that Xenogears isn't on that list.

Foxgod4251d ago

Indeed, xenogears and Crono trigger deserve a sequel the most.
Skies and vagrant where just borefests.

iNcRiMiNaTi4251d ago

needs moar legend of dragoon

Millah4251d ago

Wheres Xenogears? Not even a sequel, how about just a remake and finally give us disc 2 like it was meant to be.

*sigh* i get depressed thinking of the glory days. what happened?

Chimerhazzard4251d ago

but instead a prequel, explaining better that "Wingly Empire vs Humans" history. Possibily playing with the original Dragoons like Dart's Father, Rose and the like.

Just give the sequel/prequel decent voice-acting this time around and some better story-telling and I will be happy :)

GameGambits4251d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2
Suikoden 6
Lunar 3
Wild Arms 6
Persona 5
Chrono Sequel
Secret/Legend of Mana
Dark Cloud 3
Brave Fencer Musashi(Sequel after the first)
The rest of Xenosaga to fill in the blanks up to Xenogears

Plenty more. Square isn't the only company who's lacking in the RPG department as you can see from the list.

My favorite RPGs as of late have been Crimson Gem Saga and Persona 4. Highly recommend checking out Crimson Gem Saga for PSP(I bought my PSP just to play it), and it plays similar to Lunar back on PS1. The PSP has a lot of great RPGs to tap into.

rockleex4250d ago

Imagine playing them in HD with cell shading graphics like the one in Xenogears' CG intro! >:D

I don't want a sequel because they'll probably change too much stuff.

A remake is good because they can keep everything the same while improving the graphics, adding stuff that were missing, and adding new content. ^_^

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SpoonyRedMage4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Square-Enix, what the f*ck are you doing this generation ? where is the top JRPGs you used to deliver during last generations of consoles ?"

They're on the portables idiot. The only three games they talk about are TLR, Infinite Undiscovery and Star Ocean... instead of talking about TWEWY, Crisis Core, Dissidia, DQM: Joker, Echoes of Time and how about DQIX, Blood of Bahamut and Final Fantasy Gaiden?

Vagrant Story shouldn't be revived at all, Matsuno's retired and it was his game, no one else could do it justice. FFXII was the closest we ever got to a sequel and it wasn't very close at all.

Less than a million sales ISN'T enough to justify the game we'd all want a new Chrono to be. We'd expect it to have the budget of a FF game and it never sold as many as FF so we really shouldn't expect it. I'd love a new Chrono game too but `we'd expect much more than they could ever deliver.

@Nuri: You should check out the DS game Nostalgia. It's reminiscent of Skies of Arcadia.

EDIT: Also Vagrant Story was not financially successful, Square said as much when they commented on the fact that Vaan was made the main charactaer of FFXII instead of Basch because Vagrant Story proved that audiences don't like older protagonists and it damaged the sales potential.

immortal844251d ago

Square-Enix is one lazy company,all they are doing is porting remakes from there best games in the past.

Regarding Chrono Trigger/Chrono cross 890k is enough to justify a sequel, peoples are sick of remakes give us something new.

SpoonyRedMage4251d ago

I just listed a bunch of their best portable titles and none of them are remakes or ports. Then there's stuff like Ring of Fates, Chocobo Tales, Chocobo's Dungeon, Children of Mana, Heroes of Mana, Mario Basketball, Valkyrie Profile: CotP, Revenant Wings, Tactics A2 and that's just the DS.

They do release a lot of ports and remakes but they've also released a lot of original games this gen.

Chrono Trigger has released 3 times in 14 years. Once on the SNES the original version and then on the PS1(which was garbage and was capatialising on their new found popularity) and then on the DS which mixed the best of both.

Now 890K is better than all the HD JRPGs released right now but FFXIII and Versus should do better than that. However FFXIII and Versus have massive budgets and the AAA teams working on them. Would you rather have a Chrono game with the budget of The Last Remnant or Final Fantasy XIII? Who would you expect to work on it, Kitase(FFXIII), Tokita(FF Gaiden) or Takai(The Last Remnant)? Would you want it on home consoles or portables?

Because with those sales it would either have to be a relatively low budget titles(like the HD JRPGs so far have been) or a portable title to make a profit. Also we'd expect SE's A Team to work a new Chrono game but they're currently working on other big porjects that are guarenteed to sell(like FFXIII).

immortal844251d ago

Square soft before they became square-enix used to deliver a ton of quality games during ps1 & ps2 era,so there is something wrong. They are the main company responsible for the downside of jrpgs nowdays.

Gue14251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

I think you're missing the point @SpoonyRedMage. Here nobody cares about portables. Handhelds are for girls and little kids...

We just want to enjoy our games lying back on a couch playing on ours 42 plasma/LCD with great sound, not on a 2 inch screen changing batteries.

97gsx4251d ago

The problem is simple square-enix used to be about making good games even if they went broke doing it. They used to take risks just to do things no one else had. Then WADA took the helm and everything is profit profit profit. I dont mind playing on my portable once in the while but damn I cant play a 40-60 hour game on it.

SaiyanFury4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

I'm forced to agree with Wiimaniac. 40-50 hour RPGs are better enjoyed while lying back on your couch or seat of choice and relaxingly going through the game rather than crouching over a portable console for equal amounts of time. It's uncomfortable for the most part. For on-the-go gaming portables are certainly the way to play, but for at home play I still prefer my PS2 to my PSP.

Millah4251d ago

redmage, do you truly honestly believe that any handheld RPG Square has made this generation even comes CLOSE to matching their games from their glory days?

Shame on you.

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Ps_alm3k4251d ago

the one making valkyria cronicles?

immortal844251d ago

OverWorks is the same company that developed skies of arcadia and Valkyria Chronicles

BlackIceJoe4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

I love Vagrant Story I so want a new game in the series. I also would love a return to the Chrono series too. I wonder what Square-Enix had plans for Chrono Break and if SE do go back to the series I wonder if any of the ideas for that game will be in the next Chrono game.

Also I would love to see a new Skies of Arcadia game. Seeing as Valkyria Chronicles is getting a sequel may be there is hope for a new Skies of Arcadia game.

Xeall4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

If we are going to talk non handheld: Xeno gears, suikoden (how about another one like 2 guys?), legend of dragoon, parasite eve, vandal hearts.

I know Parasite Eve 3 was announced, but i think it was for mobile phones (maybe psp too?).

Also as a side note, Chrono Cross! Really wasnt good. Leave Chrono Trigger alone, they will only break it.

mastiffchild4251d ago

Parasite Eve 3 was announced for mobiles BUT they changed tack as it was going so well and started instead on a PSP version. The trailer for the Third Birthday was cool as anything but we didn't get a hent of gameplay so I've a feeling it was gonna be pretty much an action game, not sure mind.

Since then (earlier this year/late last) though, I've heard little more so maybe they changed their minds again?

There's tons of great jrpgs on the two handhelds right now-I think TWEWY is one of the most under appreciated games in a long time on the DS(or anywhere!)and I've nly just finished Crisis Core for PSP which was also excellent. They're hardly alone with plenty of new IP, spin offs and full blown sequels(DQ for eg)plastered all over PSP and DS-prolly cos it's much cheaper than risking poor sales on the gome and HD consoles, no?

And Spoony's right; would we want many more lower budget jrpg on PS360Wii? The ones we've had haven't been as good, in the main, as those for the handhelds or even Persona3 and 4 for PS2 have they? Unless there's gonna be a FF or KH type budget it's much more likely that you'll get more, and better all round, games for the portables-without even thinking about all the good quality remakes they keep getting (FF3,CT, PSP, SO1 and, hopefully, 2, Persona1 etc, etc).

I'd love a LoD reignition but would the money be available to make it as good as the games we remember? With the way jrpgs have, or haven't, been selling I think it's unlikely as even big players like SE find it's a very big risk(though not even having a single PS3 game out at this syage is very bad form after almost pushing FF fans into buying the console for a couple of years!)and not one worth taking.

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