WorthPlaying: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Developer Q&A

WorthPlaying writes: "Developed by legendary Hideo Kojima - the mastermind behind the most successful video game tactical-espionage series of all time - this latest PSP installment picks up where Metal Gear Solid 3 for the PS2 leaves off as players take control of the famed Naked Snake. Taking place in 1974, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker features original game design, story and scenario by Hideo Kojima. the game takes the series in an exciting new direction with its incredible visuals and its unique new game system designed specifically with the PSP in mind."

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KillerPwned3473d ago

This game is gonna be amazing deffinaly gonna boost psp sales.

NegativeCreep4273473d ago

Metal Gear stretches farther and is more intricate than Halo's supposed "masked space man fights the Flood, rinse and repeat" anthology.

redbadger3473d ago

And all of his attention is on PW and not raiden project. What a treat!

starvinbull3472d ago

I'll wait for the substance version.

Braid3472d ago

Kojima-San, I love your games and I respect you so much, but honestly... That was the lamest twist of all time.