XBL & PSN gamers, Do they really affect your decision?

even if you were in love with the Playstation brands since you were a kid, you still cant ignore the fact that most of your friends already bought their Xbox360 long time ago, so if u decide to stick with your preferred console it means that you will end up playing alone or with peoples you don't know in your real life, and vise versa of course if your friends decided to stick with Sony's black giant and free PSN services.

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Myst3469d ago

I'd say it has a fair bit of effect in some people's opinion, but it mostly comes down to the games that are on the same which is the highest driving point of purchasing a system. I have my PS3 for a few exclusives: Demon Souls, White Knight Chronicles, MGS4, Folklore, Then I got a 360 about 3 weeks ago now I suppose with Perfect Dark Zero, Fable 2, and Lost Odyssey which would and probably is my main reason for buying in the first place.

The ability to talk with friends on said consoles seems like an added benefit, but in no way really effected my choice all to much. With that said my most played system at this time is still my PSP though.

immortal843469d ago

Yes, it depends on what are the games you like to choose between two great consoles, but it's better to own the two consoles if someone can afford it.

biloz3469d ago

yea i know exclusive may have the upper hand when it comes to choosing ur console, but now a days PSN $ XBL is also making a big affection.

iamtehpwn3468d ago

has always been the single player experience that you get from these epic games.

With multiplatform now and multiplayer, it just matter which systems weighs heavier that I will buy it for. It depends which friends are also interested and I know will continuously play the game and get hours out of it.

FamilyGuy3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

I only bought the PS3 so I don't concern myself with such things. I could have and could still buy a 360 but I have yet to see enough reasons for getting one now. I'm so satisfied with my current console that I couldn't care less about which system real-life friends have, buy or play games on. I just make new, psn, friends cuz it's not hard to do anyway. I've been requested because of things as simple as having a mic or being seen playing multiple times along with things like being good at a game, being interesting or funny to talk to or because people are new to a game or the system and they want to ask someone questions.

I do try to convince others to buy PS3s though and I think every gamer should have one upon the release of Uncharted 2. GT5 and GOW3 will come soon enough after.

Blogz4Fanboys3468d ago

out of interest, do you think every gamer should have a 360 aswell??? or does that only stretch to the ps3?? coz thats an interesting statement cosidering you have no interest in any other console except the ps3.

anyway, yes i think on-line has been influencing the decision of alot of console buyers. if all of their friends are on one i cant see them buying the other, and playing like the lone ranger...unless they are buying or have bought both consoles like me!

so yes, i think it has played in the reckoning of some peoples purchases.

pippoppow3468d ago

Buy the system you want with the games that cater to your wants. I have family members who have a 360 but when I decided to buy a new games console I wanted the best I could buy. Looked at hardware and the PS3 was much better than the competition. Looked at online and free was a must. The ability to play Blu-ray movies was a nice bonus. Looked at the games and the PS3 games seemed to continue that flair of gaming magic that Sony is known for, at the time it was Heavenly Sword, Uncharted and that MGS4 walk-through vid that sold me software wise. So I bought the system I wanted, not the system to play with my relatives.

40cal3468d ago

When I got my PS3 at launch my buddy Justin and my cousin had 360's. After I got my PS3 my brother in law and my friend Nick went out a bought 360's. Great, I got to play Gears one and two :)

But now my cousin has 2 broken 360's (one was his younger brothers) sitting behind his still working PS2 while waiting on being able to buy a PS3.

My brother in law is using his Wii and PC as his 360 is also not working, and is getting a PS3 for Christmas this year.

My friend Nick is on his 2nd replacement system and now wants a PS3.

And my buddy Justin went through 3 replacements before getting a PS3 last Christmas.

Now while I have other friends on my friends list, the point I was making is that all of my friends that are gaming on LIVE will be joining me on the PSN before the end of this year. The one thing they all have in common is that they all thought that $600.00 was to much to spend on a console until they ended up spending more on there 360's any way. And Nick and my brother in law both spent more on the 360 and have stand alone Blu-Ray players, so they ended up spending way more and still don't have all of the features that I have, you know like card readers and wifi and such.

rockleex3468d ago

But I chose a PS3 because of the games and free online play.

Now half of them have switched over to the PS3, and the other half are waiting till Christmas. ^_^

a_squirrel3468d ago

If i had both, it would be PSN FTW!!!

FamilyGuy3467d ago (Edited 3467d ago )

"family guy
out of interest, do you think every gamer should have a 360 aswell??? or does that only stretch to the ps3?? coz thats an interesting statement cosidering you have no interest in any other console except the ps3."

Well not really, the statement is closely tied to the PS3s exclusives. Obviously the 360 has exclusives as well but most of the games worth owning a 360 for are of a specific demographic (it's hard to come up with the correct term) rather than having many types of exclusives worth owning the system for. Little Big Planet would be my biggest example but others like demons souls where there is no other game comparable on the other consoles.

It also has great features so that any new buyer will be pleased with it and the more they find out that it can do, the more they like it and all of those aspects are user friendly.

This became WAY longer than i intended but so you could stop here.

I think I might be so happy with it because of being a pirate which is strange since the PS3 is still un-hacked but it helps my pirating in a host of other ways that are all beyond what the 360 is currently capable of (allowed, not power wise). And it even has one huge feature that is legal and extremely appreciated which is game sharing.

It makes buying a new console and getting your old content on it less of a hassle but it also supports the social aspect of gaming which is gaming with friends. The same as if you traveled to the friends house to play but now you don't have to. Even letting a friend borrow a game like with true titles like war hawk where you can let a friend download and play but you have to wait to play since it's designed so it's as if you let them borrow the game so real games aren't "pirated" by simply sharing or the getting a new system thing.

The pirating aspect i was talking about before is with movies. The 360 has netflicks which is fine for some but i would never use the service since i pirate. With the PS3 i can:

Download movies from straight to the HDD from the internet

copying content to the HDD from a pc through media server (helpful if you don't have any other way and you can't get a steady stream (no stutter)).

easily convert HD MKVs with mkvtovob which there is no 360 comparison. (it simply switches containers making the process extremely fast, there's nothing like that right now for 360 playback, HD MKVs always need re-encoding to play)

watching movies from the web through the web browser (which i don't do but it is an option)

easily and cheaply upgrading the HDD also adds to this

Lastly, you can use it to rip blu-ray movies too because of it's linux support. Which is nice if you pc doesn't have a blu-ray drive so you can rent and strip your own if you don't have the internet to download from.

btw i <3

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jamesrocks31473469d ago

all my friends have a ps3 just about they are 1 or 2 who own a xbox 360 also but most people in my school and even now in my college own a ps3 once we get talking about ps3 and what it can do and everything they begin to realise ps3 is the better choice while av been at college quite a few of my college mates have bought ps3's and we all have alot of fun online, i do have friends who have said for a long time there going to buy a ps3 one day and they already own an xbox 360 one of my friends has said as soon as FF13 and GT5 come out he will buy a ps3 and once there cheaper also

The Xbox Empire3468d ago

.....hmmmmmmmm I don't believe you.

Gue13469d ago

It is all about the price.

KionicWarlord2223468d ago

lol...that was actually funny because psn is free and xbox live isn't.

interrergator3469d ago

i have both systems and it doesnt effect me at all so long as i can play all the great games netflix for xbox bluray for ps3 :) be a gamer

dericb113469d ago

I guess netflix and blu-ray completely help support your online gaming.

Did you read the article at all lol?

Mr Tretton3469d ago

I'm the only one of my friends that bought a PS3. Let's put it like this. They always want to play my PS3.

biloz3469d ago

man its not a matter of who wants to play on ur PS3, its just that u cant agree with ur friends on a specific console, that will be a lot better for online gaming

Mr Tretton3469d ago

Well, I made my point towards to question of the topic, which is I didn't get a 360 because my friends got one. I had one choice I could afford, and friends and XBL did not influence that choice.

biloz3469d ago

yea i do respect ur openion, I think alot of pl have the same point of view ;)

JonnyBigBoss3468d ago

Same here man. 2 Decembers ago I was on Ventrilo talking to 2 of my good friends and I was asking them about consoles. They told me to get the 360 because they both own one and the PS3 is hard to develop for. Almost 2 years later here I am. I got a Playstation 3 despite what they said, and I am very happy in my choice. 1 of the 2 got a PS3 about 4 months ago and the other is getting one in a few weeks. It's funny how that all works out.

iChaos Amongus3468d ago

They probably want to play your PS3 because you're the only one who has a PS3, while they all play Xbox 360 already on a regular basis.

I know 2 people with PS3's. All my friend's and even just people I know but aren't really true friends have or want a Xbox 360.

ChrisGTR13468d ago

now you sir, are a true dumbass fanboy. congrats? you chose a ps3 over friends. now you must be having so much fun playing as a loner against random strangers online. all cause your a fanboy and didnt want to get a 360.

Mr Tretton3468d ago

^Looking forward to all your bubbles being gone.

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