Sequel Saturday #2 Superfrog writes: Is it time for the Amiga classic to return to our screens?
Im a platform freak I admit it, there is no shame to it. And as a platforming freak I feel that, recently, Ive been let down. Ever since that strumpet Lara Croft came along my beloved genre has been shifted and diluted and then bastardised to a point where it is hard to distinguishing a platformer from an action adventure game. Uncharted platformer or action game? infamous platformer or action game? Prince or Persia platformer or pyjama simulator? Sonic platformer or pile of shit? It is hard to distinguish.

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Cajun Chicken3475d ago

Oh, man, that would be awesome. Just even a legal port or HD version, I tell you what else would be good, a port of Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

moosehound3475d ago

very true mate - Jazz Jackrabbit was a classic :) Just need some Zool and maybe some James Pond and you've got yourself a party :)