The Old Republic: New video unveils the interface

A new video for Star Wars: The Old Republic unveils the interface of the Bioware-MMO.

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Baka-akaB3472d ago

Really nice , it's indeed true that Kotor is one of the very few , if not the first one to actually feel like a normal rpg , in the sense that it got a plot , instead of senseless pvp or mostly decorative quests text .

Demonsdown3472d ago

Don't assume that is the final interface I have seen interfaces change every week for months in betas and this still isn't even in beta yet.

-MD-3472d ago

Needs work but it looks like it's on the right path.

kaveti66163472d ago

Kotor is the most satisfying game I have ever played in my lifetime and it only cost me twenty dollars. No game has yet to match the kind of excitement and pleasure I felt during my quests in KOTOR. KOTOR 2 failed to be complete and didn't enhance anything, but wasn't a bad game. Bioware deserves to get back the KOTOR idea and make a genuine KOTOR sequel. And gamers deserve that game.

KOTOR 3. That's all I'm going to say.

Xi3472d ago

I wonder if kotor will feature the same D20 system that the original had.