Top 10 game sales worldwide per region in week 28, 2009, on Amazon

This week's listings of the top 10 sellers per region worldwide on Amazon, for all systems combined.

For Japan the list is: 1. Dragon Quest IX: Defenders of the Starry Sky (DS), 2. Tomodachi Collection (DS), 3. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva (PSP), 4. Wii Sports Resort including Wii MotionPlus (Wii), 5. Professional Baseball Spirits 6 (PS3), 6. My Summer Vacation 4 (PSP), 7. Professional Baseball Spirits 6 (PS2), 8. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Blu-ray including Final Fantasy XIII Demo (PS3), 9. Ys I & II Chronicles (PSP), 10. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G - The Best of PSP Collection (PSP).

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Myst3469d ago

First things first, weather reporters in the U.S. should have at least one girl who likes like that telling us the weather :3

next, good to see Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is doing quite well, I remember God of War was in the number 1 spot and now seems to have moved to second, not downplaying the game; but just good to see Monster Hunter get a bit more love (also glad to see Capcom pour on the ads at least during adult swim.)