Square Enix thinks Dragon Quest IX can reach 5 million in shipment numbers

No one can deny that Dragon Quest IX has gotten off to a tremendous start in Japan. In just two days, 2.3 million copies of the game were sold.

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SpoonyRedMage3473d ago

Well that's a high prediction but if it happened that's awesome!

I hope they fully promote it in the West and it does well here, then we'll get better treatment.

Can't wait to get the game anyway!

knox3473d ago

i just hope we get the game in the west sometime soon!

DragonWarrior_43473d ago

I think they will sell more then 5 mil. The game has been out about a week now. Give it a month or two. The online component is gonna change the way games on the DS are played. Its so funny because the psp is more suited for online play but Nintendo are the ones breaking ground here.

Mr.Mister3473d ago

dont say that you are going to hurt some people

Gr813473d ago

A measely 5m? That's a big flop, I mean, compared to userbase of course. lol.