The Biggest Unannounced Games of the Next Three Years

SCRAWL: "As a gamer, I'm always taking a look into the future because no matter what amazing games we have or know that's coming now, we always want more. That's the general attitude of a gamer and that's perfectly fine because you're naturally going to want to play an Uncharted 2 if you've completed the first game and enjoyed it. And look, here it is, on the way for a Fall 2009 release."

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Cajun Chicken3470d ago

Just Jet Set Radio for me really, nothing much else excites me there.


i guess the world really is ending in 2012...

IzKyD13313469d ago

How the hell do you have disagrees colombiano?
I just don't understand N4G......

hmmmm3469d ago

@ IzKyD1331
Are you sure you understand the meaning of disagree? Everyone on this site is so defensive when they get a disagree it makes no sense and in most cases it is clear that they also don't understand what disagree means(look it up!)! If someone disagrees with what you said they can press the button.
for example:
El_Colombiano said "me wants jet set radio" if i don't want jet set radio i believe that qualifies as me disagreeing with his statement and i can press the button...not that i did

SnuggleBandit3469d ago

the guy says he saw an ico game at gamestop??

El_Colombiano3469d ago

What? WHAT?!


JoySticksFTW3469d ago

I'd love to see that happen, and Jaffe has already hinted at it more than a few times.

DeadlyFire3469d ago

There are numerous games missing from this list. I was looking for a page 2 on the page or something.

BLACK 2 is rumored to be in the works. If true a 2011 launch of it would be ideal spot.
Halo 3 PC should be aimed around Windows 7 for an announcement or launch.
Assassin's Creed 3. Said to be a trilogy right?
Mass Effect game 4? Bioware said recently more than a trilogy might be in mind for Mass Effect.
Froza 4 might be announced in next 3 years.
Test Drive Unlimited 2 to be announce 2010 or later said by the company themselves.
Dragon Age 2. They said trilogy right?
Resident Evil 6. Story isn't over yet and said next one will be big game changer again.
Red Faction 4 currently penciled in on slide photo for 2011. Date might change though.
KILLZONE 3 not listed? We all know its coming though.
New Medal of Honor game. EA said something about bringing it back and making it better than ever.
Saints Row 3 also penciled on slide photo from THQ 2010-2012.
Timesplitters 4. We all know Crytek UK wants this game and are likely to continue working on it til its done.
Bioshock 3? Isn't this to be a 3 game series or something. I say its very likely we will see it.

kewlkat0073469d ago

Jet Set Radio was awesome.. and it would actually do very well on the Wii given the controller and tagging. Even with the new sony wiggle waggle and the online component would be sick.

How about a Jet Set Radio meets Grand theft..

rockleex3468d ago

Alright, its official. Persona 5 exclusively for the PS3... considering that other article that confirmed the coming announcement of Persona 5 exclusively for the PS3.

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-MD-3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

From that list I'm interested in

-Kingdom Hearts 3
-Dark Cloud 3
-Killer Instinct 3
-Gears of War 3
-Mass Effect 3

Lots of 3s.

BattleAxe3469d ago

Syphon Filter 5 would be fantastic too! I also can't wait for the next Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six games.

doctorstrange3469d ago

there are so many games I'd kill to have brought to this gen, we can only hope

-MD-3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

I hope it comes =( I'm tired of waiting.

Someone loves disagreeing with me.

Nelson M3469d ago

Thy Silly Little GothBot

KillerPwned3469d ago

That is a good list that makes sense but i feel like their missing some titles.

Polluted3469d ago

Something tells me the new Zelda might move a couple of copies...

Also, the Sega nerd in me just *has* to point out that Jet Grind wasn't originally an Xbox game. No big deal, I guess.

Xeall3469d ago

i disagree with your 'No big deal part', simply because the Dreamcast original kicked the crap out of the later 'future' game on the orginal Xbox. It's a big deal because if people enjoyed that one, they should really go back and play the 'true' original! Still would like to see a new one.

I expect A Zelda title in the next 3 years to be announced, another FF game of some discription, maybe a 7 spin off as they said when doing advent children they had 3 games planned and only 2 have come out (crisis core + dirge).

Fear 3? Black and white 3? World in conflict 2? Half-life 3? Resi 6? Silent hill 6? MGS something (kojima always announces stupidly early)?

remember we're talking 3 years for them to announce games and companies do like to shout early.

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