New Tales of Vesperia screenshots

Namco Bandai published some new screenshots from Tales of Vesperia.

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Jaces3472d ago

Bah! Can't wait for this to finally come to PS3! :D

FamilyGuy3472d ago

What are the chances that this game will have english subs? It's been out for a long time now on the 360 but they published the audio but i see no reason why we shouldn't be able to steal their subs lol (except that some would be missing the the new character and interactions with her plus the other additions)

This would be a day one purchase for me if released in the U.S. or if it has full english subs. I've always liked the gamplay/fighting in this series and the star ocean series, action rpgs ftw.

Myst3472d ago

I'm almost tempted to go and download the demo to get a feel for this game, it needs to hurry up! :)