Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition sells out

It looks like the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 has sold out in the UK.

The limited edition SKU, which was made available to pre-order yesterday exclusively at, is now unavailable to order, with a notice stating that the title has since been "deleted".

Both the Standard and Hardened Editions of the game are still available to pre-order.

UPDATE: It's available to pre-order again now. Glitch? Increased allocation? Who knows - just get your order in quick if you want one.

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MGOelite3473d ago

cant believe that people are paying £110 for this, activision have gone so far down hill lately

BLuKhaos3472d ago

The Call Of Duty Drones would swallow a spiked fire hydrant up the @$$ if it came bundled with MW2.

gaffyh3472d ago

£120, and then people complain PS3 costs too much, when they just paid 3 times the price for one game (-_-)

StanLee3472d ago

Are you really surprised?! I'm not.

JhawkFootball063472d ago

I cant believe people are spending this much. I mean in the US its $150 dollars. $150 dollars for 1 game. Sure you are going to use the goggles, and maybe look at the pretty pictures for a moment but in all reality, noone is going to be still be using those goggles a month from when the game gets released. They will still be playing the actual game which is only $60. And I still cant help laughing me looking outside my window at night with someone walking around with those goggles on.

JonnyBigBoss3472d ago

It's pitiful really. It just tells Activision that they can recycle the same game over and over again with barely any changes at all, and still make record profits. I'm sorry, but I'm a fan of evolution and positive changes in games. MAG will be getting my dollar, while MW2 will not.

bigc0720043472d ago

i mean i knew people would buy it, but come on....they better be like 13 years old and younger...who in there right mind would pay $150 just for goggles they wont use, and a bonus disc they will watch once?...thank god your parents are rich. as for me i am buying the regular edition $60 one :) take that activision :P lol

uie4rhig3472d ago

so much for boycotting Activision for having a too high price tag! those who have preordered make me sick!

Dread3472d ago

for those of u who CANT BELIEVE that people think the playstation 3 is too expensive yet shell out $150 for a game.

1. How the hell do u know it is the same people?

and 2. the people who buy this are people with money to burn who probably already own all systems.

so don't use this as an opportunity to critizise people (the majority) who think the playstation 3 is too expensive (which it is )


Mr Remington3472d ago

I finally looked at what this Prestige Edition is.

I really don't like CoD, but I might just buy this and sell the Hardened Edition on Ebay or something.

NVGs are really cool. And I'll finally be able to see some damn stars around here. (Eff you city lights)

DeviateFish3471d ago

A noble endeavour, Remington, but they don't work like that. Unless the IR leds reach to the stars and back. NVGs that use light amplification, however, do work like that, and are awesome. These ones rely solely on IR leds, and are less awesome. But awesome still, because they are about 1/50th of the price of proper NVGs.

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TIKUP3473d ago

so much for people saying they were not going to buy this ayy.....

StanLee3472d ago

Like they weren't going to buy Call of Duty World at War? When will people realise, those persons voicing their displeasure on the internet are the minority; a very, very small minority.

Frnicatr3472d ago

Same thing will happen with Left 4 Dead 2. Most the people who signed the boycott petition will end up buying it on day one.

APOFISBORICUA3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I rather spend $150 or a little more in these 3 exclusives games: Uncharted 2, Ratchet and C:a Cranck in Time and MAG than spending them on the "prestige" edition of COD. I know to each their own but I hate when people say "the PS3 is too expensive" or "no way Im going to pay that much for a console for just a few worthy games" or "why pay $400.00 when you could buy another console cheaper and with games". Well the same applies here. To many FPS at the time and great ones coming to spend $150 in one game. How hipocryte MR. KOTICK to tell SONY that the PS3 is too expensive. Well this game is too expensive and Im not going to pay for it. I will find a hacked version for my 360 is I can but Im not going to pay this ridiculous amount of money for just an extra nigth googles.

For my 360 friends and brothers dont criticise the PS3 price in the PS3 treads when You are willing to pay for this.

For my PS3 friends and are willing to pay $150 for this and yet you dont bougth PS3 exclusives?? If there is no love for the IMPRESSIVE PS3 exclussive line up dont post here telling the 360 fans how superior our exclusive lineup is. Why talk about something you are not willing to pay and play??


Mr Remington3472d ago

What the hell did that dude just say? ^^^

I don't know whether or not to feel insulted.

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mrv3213473d ago

Scientists have greatly underestimated the population of stupid.

greatjimbo783472d ago

Lolz, I second the agreement.

UltimateIdiot9113472d ago

As Einstein once said, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe.”

JonnyBigBoss3472d ago

Agreed. I wouldn't say MW2 pre-order people are "stupid", but I will say they aren't the brightest bunch.

no_more_trolling3472d ago

dont call them stupid cuz u cant afford it. piracy for the win

-EvoAnubis-3472d ago

Could not possibly agree more. I cannot understand why so many people are willing to throw their money away on BS.

mrv3213472d ago

YOU can supposedly make your own night vision goggles for far less. I'm not sure on the steps but this seems logical

IR light (fairly cheap) plugged into a battery.
IR to visible light, this will turn the IR light into visible light.

Here's a video, I HAVEN'T done any of this stuff but his may not look as cool as MW2 but has more feature and probably works better.

So there you go, a video for you stupid enough to want cheap night vision but smart enough to do so. Save yourself some money and don't get beaten up FOR BUYING CHEAP USELESS NIGHT VISION THAT YOU COULD GET FOR LESS!

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-MD-3472d ago

Wow really? 150 bucks for some fake night vision goggles? Why would anybody buy this?

BLuKhaos3472d ago

They're not fake just crap.

gaffyh3472d ago

FULLY FUNCTIONAL Night vision goggles.

-MD-3472d ago

Yes fully functional right.. buy a pair and let me know if they're as good as the 3000$ fully functional night vision goggles

70 =/= 3000

ChampIDC3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

I'm sure they work well, but they probably have a terrible viewing aperture. Say goodbye to peripheral vision. Heck, say goodbye to a lot of your normal vision, too.

JonnyBigBoss3472d ago

Yup. Look at the price of REAL night vision goggles. You know, even a low-quality kind that you'd get at an army and navy store. For double lens goggles you're looking at paying between $900 - $5000. In other words, the MW2 goggles are cheap plastic and will only change the color of your vision to bright green. Seriously, stupid game and stupid prestige edition.

jeseth3472d ago

This prestige edition, however, is one of the worst exploitations of a franchise I've ever seen. $150 bucks. For fake plastic night vision goggles? Well I guess we can all refer to the old saying:

There's a sucker born every minute.

Up next for Activision Guitar Hero 6, 7, 8, Guitar Hero Hanson, Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, and Spice Girls. Then more and more crap.

Modern Warfare will be great but instead of investing $$$ into forgettable "Prestige Editions" HOW ABOUT A NEW IP ???

P.S. All the "Prestige" owners are the guys screaming online getting wasted by the dudes who bought the $60 version ! LOL.

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Meus Renaissance3472d ago

These are the idiots that only encourage publishers to hike the prices. I bet if their mothers knew how much they were paying, regardless if they are 15 or 30, they would cancel that pre-order in a heart beat.