New NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Screenshots

Sega has released some new screenshots for NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, which is set to be released on the Nintendo Wii at the end of this year.

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ITR4197d ago

Looks good so far.

I expect it to look even better 3 months down the road.

One4197d ago

cool i always liked the one for dreamcast
but havent played it in a while its
collecting dust in my garage
but anyway i hope this ones even better

hamburgerhill4197d ago

I loved nights but thought it was on saturn not the dreamcast! Anyhow this game looks terrible and nothing like I would of envisioned the nights return! Hopefully the gameplay will be fun but I think going the Wii route is the wrong route for a game that has so many hardcore gamers still thinking about it!

grifter0244197d ago

Yes Nights was on Saturn huh where did you get Dcast? HAHA its a nice game thought. I loved the game.. I actually still play it.. Dont know why its just a kick game.. I also have Panzer which was pretty good as well.. Didnt know thought that Panzer is a very sought after game.. This sucks thought I am going to have to buy a wii to play this game .. :( NOOOOOOO Ohh well Nights here I come.. LOL... I really like the ribbon I dont know why on the Saturn its Mesmerizing dont you think?

One4196d ago

lol oh yeah why the hell did i say dreamcast?
im stupid but yeah i meant to say saturn
i cant write very good when im blazed