5 amazing things your 3D card can do

Graphics card technology never ceases to amaze us. ATI's new card, the Radeon HD 4770, is now on sale for under £100 and able to sustain over 60fps in Call of Duty 4. But given what we've discovered, a good framerate in a demanding game is the least surprising thing a modern graphics card like this can do.

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ChickeyCantor3471d ago

Always found it weird the GPU was left out for such things.
pretty cool =)


i use mine to vaporize vaporizables.


Mr Remington3471d ago

I wouldn't really classify this as news.
But, I guess some people don't know this.

PinkUni3471d ago

why dont they come up with new kinds of 3d rendering for mathematics or something

like physics based stuff

this is how a building would collapse with this much pressure

this is how light flows through the earth

like interesting math stuff, but rendered in 3d

Kakkoii3471d ago

Umm, they do have that lol. What do you think PhysX is for? Not physics?

And that's also what [email protected] is for, it does physics calculations to advance understandings of medicine and other things.

dirthurts3471d ago

Can already do physics. Especially NVidia, which is now including physics processing with their chips.
ATI is working with Havok for the same.

ChickeyCantor3471d ago

if im not mistaken, it was either nvidia or ati that makes use of this language that is meant for physics...the name is almost like OpenGL, but i the last letters are different.

Cam't really remember what its called,

Kakkoii3471d ago

OpenCL. And it's not a physics framework, it's just an open standard computing language for GPU's. Which would allow for physics programming on a GPU using (Open Computer Language).

RockmanII73471d ago

Curses. the smart pe-pols get al of the bubles. <--- bad attempt to be funny

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Traveler3471d ago

The next generation of processors might not even revolve around traditional CPU architectures and instead might be highly programmable GPUs more or less.

Anyway, even affordable graphics cards can give you performance above and beyond what you can get on the consoles. The myth that you need some expensive gaming rig to run modern games is just that, a myth. It's easy to build a gaming PC for around $400 or $500 dollars that will outperform the consoles on multiplatform titles. And of course, you can use that same PC for lots of other things as well.

evrfighter3471d ago

CPGPU's I think is what you're referring to. At the moment Nvidia, ATI, and Intel have all developed their own versions of it. But at the moment I believe the tech is extremely similar to the cell. This is the reason imo they havn't tried mass hyping it as they all know they need to refine it first otherwise we'd have lots of developers complaining that it takes twice the work and thousands of lines more code to take full advantage

sound familiar?

f7897903471d ago

Of course a 4770 could do that.

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