Firmware 2.80 Required For VidZone

Nofi from TheSixthAxis writes: "Lots of people have speculated, including us, about what the latest PlayStation 3 firmware update actually did. The update, which took the PS3 to system software version 2.80, arrived at the end of June but came without a meaningful change-log or anything resembling concrete information from Sony other than the fact that it helped stability in certain software, the usual company line for "it's a secret, work it out yourselves."

Which, last night, it seems, I did. "

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sinncross3472d ago

Still doesnt stop that fact that only like 5 countires in Euorpe have access to it.

I'm from South Africa and SA falls into the EU region of operations. Our store is always updated on time (cept there isa clear absens of NAruto US extras), and I would like to have Vidzone in all honesty.

gaffyh3472d ago

Sad to see that though, cos Vidzone probably is the PS3s first non-gaming killer app. It's really really good.

InfectedDK3472d ago

Living in EU, Denmark..
No Vidzone here.. Really looked forward to it..

FamilyGuy3472d ago

First non-gaming killer app
I'd love to see the service somehow grace the U.S. shores.
I'd be great for hosting parties compared to what i do currently which is download the highest quality versions i can find and create playlist.

Strange, 6 comments so far but the temp is at 240

ChozenWoan3472d ago

It would be nice if they allowed Vidzone to play in Home Tvs. Then Home parties would be really sweet and it would solve a lot of the "distribution" legality issues.... and I wish it was coming to the US. ;p

InfectedDK3472d ago

Agreed, it would really lighten up Home a bit more..

40cal3472d ago

but live in the U.S. so no service, I want service. Hell, we want service.

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Daves3472d ago

I have been running Vidzone for since it came out and only upgraded to 2.8 last night.

Maybe I should have read the full article!

Final_Rpg3472d ago

It's here in Australia! Pretty awesome-o. Been watching Metallica vids.

rbluetank3472d ago

i have been searching my ps3 everyday for it before my ps3 broke last week or so. i hope they install all the latest firmware update before returning it to me... vidzone looks sweet!!! i hope to get my hands on it real soon...