The Evolution of Game Scoring

Resumeplay's Chris Mikos writes: "While watching my roommate play God of war 2 for the first time, I realized that him and I are two completely different types of gamers. When I play a video game, I play hard and fast and love finishing a game in the fastest time possible. All of the major factors in a game are vital to my enjoyment; factors such as story, controls, graphics, and game play. The extras and bonuses that many games contain, are the features that do not ignite any drive in me."

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CheatsMcGee3474d ago

Collecting the items is nice, but I get you there. Very few games will I actually take the time to get everything. Ultimate weapons in RPGs? Nay, I will do it with my own gear without wasting all of that time!

Ziriux3473d ago

The only reason these days I see ANY gamer get everything in a game, or max out with as many points as they can is on the 360 or PS3 when it comes to achievements or trophies, they do it for that purpose alone, because and achievement requires the person to find every collectible or like in The Force Unleashed, get a max amount of points and such.

Baross20253474d ago

Interesting article, the truth is the people love scores and they just haven't changed much since the classic arcade games we all know and love. Donkey Kong anyone?

Ziriux3473d ago

I don't know about that, I think if anything the love has dropped, most developers don't even include it anymore. Gamers may love it, developer do not tend to find it as appealing anymore, thinking that gamers are all about online play these days.

SRosenberg3473d ago

There's a big difference between games with scoring systems and games that just have extra quests and things to get. Where as you only really have to take the time to find all the extra quests and items and whatnot...sometimes beating someone's score is justly based on skill of that particular game. Neat article.

Ziriux3473d ago

In my opinion arcade games did away with scoring just perfectly, the games were mostly short, so the replay value was in the score. These new gen games make it an additional feature or mode like in Modern Warfare where you have a reason to go through the campaign again to try and score higher, I guess ever since its existence the score was always meant for competitive purposes against others and to add replay value.