Koku Gamer: Battlefield 1943 Review

Koku Gamer writes: "Battlefield 1943 is a benchmark for arcade titles, and sets a new standard for what we've come to expect from the genre. It doesn't do anything particularly new in terms of gameplay, but it's a fun and streamlined multiplayer shooter you can obtain without leaving your console. The first time you play Battlefield 1943, you may not believe it's a downloadable game. It really looks great, with impressive lighting effects and lots of detail on every map. There are some little glitches here and there, such as a tendency to fall through the ground when you are killed. But you'll find these easy to overlook and more likely be astonished that this is what a trivial arcade offering has become."

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DeadlyDevil3473d ago

I love how EA took an old game ( a GREAT one at that) and put it on a new engine... good example of what should be going on for the good classics. :)

Ziriux3473d ago

And to know that EA is responsible for it makes it more shocking. I'm sure DICE was the developer.

WengYong3473d ago

I was a massive fan of 1942 and Vietnam. I didn't care too much for the future titles, but at 1200MSP I will be definitely getting this title, regardless of what people may think about it.

Ziriux3473d ago

I'm waiting to fix my stupid 360 to go on Live, this is the 7th time something has gone wrong with it, each time it's a different problem. I've been having to stay over at a friends house to play this game. It's been worth it, it's costing me beer though.

Skivvo3473d ago

Yeah I had a giant woody for 1942, very much looking forward to 1943!! Great review.

Carnage12903473d ago

The game is fantastic, I just wish it would work. Whenever everyone was reporting the problems I wasn't having any, now all the sudden I can't get in matches and if I do their laggy as hell. It's also locked up my console twice now. Love this game but it really needs to work.