GameArena: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

The clichéd characters, the abysmal voice acting and the repetitive, unrewarding gameplay all reinforce this idea that you are playing a video game - a poorly written, poorly made one at that. If you really want to play Star Ocean, grab the infinitely better first two on the psp. If you just want a jrpg on the 360, GameArena would even suggest Infinite Undiscovery over Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

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Ninji3472d ago

But it just confirms what a flop that game is.

Whut3472d ago

not as much as CROSS EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris3993471d ago

And despite being a JRPG fanatic, most of what the reviewer states is true.

Your endurance with this game is directly related to how much trashy anime you watch; clichés and stereotypes abound. It's true that most of the voice-work is cringe worthy. They really should have included the original Japanese audio with this title; it would have made the experience far more tolerable.

I'm enjoying it, but I have pretty low standards when it comes to JRPGs. Still, I'd give it a 6.5-7/ 10. It's definitely not a "classic" by any means.