WiiDS: The Conduit Review

All in all, it will never compete with PS3 or Xbox360 alternatives, but as a Wii game, it's worth owning. You'll definitely have a few days of fun if you rent it out, but it's one of those games that deserves long term commitment. Even if you get bored of the single-player campaign, the online multiplayer will offer lots of action to keep you satisfied. Probably more tempting for FPS fans than non-specific gamers. Not a bad effort, and WiiDS looks forward to the upcoming games that High Voltage Software are working on.

+ Nice visuals
+ Online multiplayer (plenty of modes/options)
+ Harder difficulty settings are very challenging
+ Allows gamers to customise

- Single-player mode is relatively short
- Controls aren't perfect
- Missions are repetitive and interchangeable

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