Guitar Hero II, Wii Supply Still Scant

Availability of the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II and Nintendo Wii hardware is virtually nonexistent, according to a new survey by A.G. Edwards.

Only one copy of Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360 was available out of the 100 stores surveyed on Monday, April 23.

Wii supply is still extremely low, according to the analyst, as in none of the 100 stores surveyed had the console available. Kreher stated that most stores "indicated that they felt availability would be limited through holiday '07."

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ScorpioKyle4287d ago

at my toysrus we had 42 Wii's on sunday and sold out towards the end of the day. However we still have a bunch of GHII's.

LSDARBY4287d ago

GH2 isnt sold out lol, all my local shops have it in stock. I havent seen a shop that doesnt have it in stock.

eepiccolo4287d ago

I just saw a ton of GHIIs at Best Buy last week. This is a very strange article.

The Snake4287d ago

We have plenty of GH2 for PS2 over here, but it's hard to find GH2 for 360. Wii is still nearly impossible to get.

One4287d ago

every where i go i see gh2 for 360 in stock
i just wish i had 90 [email protected] dollars to spend on a game that
i beat when it was on the ps2, that game is way to pricey if u ask me
ill just wait for gh3

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