WiiDS: Grand Slam Tennis Review

Grand Slam Tennis is great for gamers who play tennis for real, and gamers who don't. WiiDS would imagine gamers looking to immerse themselves into an authentic world of tennis would prefer to play this with MotionPlus, but even without it, it is a very enjoyable game. The MotionPlus adds so much more satisfaction when you play as opossed to just pressing buttons. Packed with features, an extensive multiplayer mode and a career mode that's challenging, this game oozes replay value. If you're waiting for a decent game before you purchase the MotionPlus, this is one of them.

+ Works wonderfully with MotionPlus
+ Lots of game modes and features
+ Online mode is very substantial

- Crowd animations are shoddy
- Maybe could have done with more players
- Mixed feelings about making MotionPlus optional for this game

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