Ten Best Titles Remaining in 2009 writes, "With the recent announcement of delays for upcoming video games, gamers are starting to wonder what games are even worth picking up for the rest of the year. With budgets being incredibly tight and an assortment of titles coming out, which ones are the must buy titles? Well, we're making your decisions just a little bit easier!"

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cyguration3473d ago

Dang good list of some darn good games.

stickskills3473d ago

Still a good amount of titles that weren't even mentioned on there.

xabmol3473d ago

Like Brutal Legend, Dark Void, and Bayoneta.

stickskills3473d ago

Bayonetta is a 2010 title now.

xabmol3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )


Damn 2009. What has happened to you?

Lets just replace that with R&CF: A Crack in Time. ;)

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All Time Greatness3473d ago

Alpha Protocol, Borderlands and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 before Forza 3 and Left 4 Dead 2 = Big Fail.

But we understand, the whole list can't be dominated by 360 titles, that would look biased. ;)

sabestar3473d ago

I thought splinter cell conviction was only coming to pc/360, I think mentioning the ps3 is just a typo there though

RadientFlux3473d ago

The top 5 titles I am looking forward to are:

Alpha Protocol
Modern Warfare 2
Dragon Age
Brutal Legend

stickskills3473d ago

I just wish Dragon Age looked more like that trailer with the Marilyn Manson track.