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Sebastain Maple writes: "It's baaack. The classic series has returned to its roots, with developer DICE digging up the old-school hit that was Battlefield 1942, dusting it off, giving it a fresh coat of paint, and kicking it out the door. While not much has changed gameplay-wise since the olden-days, it has been streamlined and honed to a needle-point, providing one of the most exciting, if not innovative, experiences available for download."

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Bagogames3477d ago

It's ok, I'm enjoying certain parts of it but its a bit too stiff for my liking so far. Reminds me of Warhawk, only WWII.

Might try the full version, case im missing something.

Isis063477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

it's a Battlefield game, and I would rather say that Warhawk resembles Battlefield rather than the other way around.

But that does not change the fact that this game ain't half the game that Warhawk is even though it is half the prize.

It's a fine game (why wont you show me where the hell the guy how killed me was firing from), bought it and played it for about two hours, but than I wanted some action so I decided to play Warhawk.

Ziriux3477d ago

This review score sounds about right. Many have been giving the game 7/10 to about 8/10, a 5 scale is a bit different.

I never thought I'd be so addicted to WWII game as small as this comparing to a full retail game, but 1943 is a special arcade game, the gameplay still feels fun after all this years and the last time I liked a Battlefield before this one was 1942 since my college has the 1942 and we play pretty much every day, I was telling the fellas at school about this and I saw a lot of sad faces when I told them it aint coming to the PC boys.

CheatsMcGee3477d ago

One of these days I'll finally get to play a Battlefield game. Closest I've gotten was Star Wars Battlefront...and I pumped so many hours into that.

Must. Get. 15. Dollars. For Battlefield.


buy it 2 times since its almost unplayable on the PSN.