The Gaming Buzz on Twitter: July 17

For the first time since GameStooge began tracking video game tweets on what games people are talking about, there is not a domination of the top two titles. Sure, World of Warcraft and The Sims 3 are still the top 2, but Battlefield 1943 almost doubles the number of tweets over last week, jumping up from 6644 to over 10,000 tweets. Right behind it is Modern Warfare 2 at 9,348 - amazing for a game that is still months away.

Joining the list for the first time is Heavy Rain, an upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive. Unfortunately, the buzz has been around the fact that it's been delayed to 2010. A shame for such a good looking game.

Prototype started off strong then petered out, only getting a total of 6,586 tweets in a month. Since release, The Conduit has had 6,369 Tweets; some games get more than that in a single week! InFamous came out at the end of May and has had a total of just 2,305 Tweets. Not what one would call overly popular, despite selling just under 400,000 copies.

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