Microsoft: "Gay" Almost Always Used as a Pejorative on Live

This weekend the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is hosting a talk about homophobia online and in games and Xbox Live's head of policy and enforcement will be on hand to hear what they have to say.

Stephen Toulouse is going top the talk at Electronic Arts as his team works to find a solution to Microsoft's current position on mentioning one's sexual orientation in a Gamertag or profile on Live. Right now it's not allowed, but Toulouse says that will change once they figure out the best way to implement that change.

"The overall policy we have today is that the expression of sexual orientation in a Gamertag or text field is not allowed," he told Kotaku today. "That doesn't matter what the orientation is."

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CobraKai3473d ago

Maybe they should start using the word "Gey" as the pejorative. It completely dodges the homosexuals and you can still say that things are "gey"

The Killer3473d ago

no wonder i see so much homos who own a 360.

i am not trying to be offensive or anything but i stated something i experienced.

menoyou3473d ago

So Microsoft is going to bend over for gays? That's a shame. I was hoping they would stick to their guns. They lost the last bit of respect I had left for them.

Guitarded3473d ago

messed up either physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, or all the above. They make up words like homophobic to describe anyone that disagrees with their CHOICE of partners. Make no mistake, it is a choice that they make. That choice may be based off of feelings they have, but relying solely on feelings in making choices rarely results a good choice. Call me whatever you want. I don't hate people, just their choices.

hermie3473d ago

Glad to see we have so many experts on the nature of homosexuality. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

On another note, what can you expect (on Live, or any other gaming communication) when it is so suffused with 13 year old boys who have an extreme lack of vocabulary. They aren't intelligent enough to curse with variety. Racism, n* word, anything that is shocking is also used big time.

aksmashh3473d ago

Theres reason why there is male & female,Otherwise the race would be extinct FACT. Its okay because its from the heart? but thats same using your d**K & ive always been told to use my brain.

Also theres a reason why its against every religon & being Homophobic is nothing like being a racist.

gamesR4fun3473d ago (Edited 3473d ago )

The overall policy we have today is that the expression of sexual orientation in a Gamertag or text field is not allowed," he told Kotaku today. "That doesn't matter what the orientation is."

so why did hetroman (and the likes) never gets banned while gaylord (dudes real last name) did
this is bs live is very anti gay prob due to their clientel tho...

tplarkin73473d ago

To use "gay" in a gamertag is to advocate homosexuality. It is also an attempt to find like-minded men. It has nothing to do with a name. Gay people accuse Christians of imposing their will, but the truth is gay people seek to justify their behavior by imposing their lifestyle on everyone.

The Killer3473d ago

i agree with u all, and i lost a bubble for saying what i said.

homosexuality is a sickness which defies nature/heavenly/Goldy laws and they try to force their sickness on us!!!

if they r gays they at least should go to hospital and keep it secret because it is shameful act which defies all laws!!

bubble me up if u agree.

Guitarded3473d ago

not of who you are. You are a homosapien who engages in homosexual acts. Big difference.

GiantEnemyCrab3473d ago

Spot on 1.7 and I agree.

Keep your sexuality out of gaming!! If they want to remove every heterosexual reference in response go ahead and do it.

Notice wherever this group goes there are panels and conferences to discuss justification and acceptance of their behavior. Looking to shake up whatever organization they set their eyes on and inject their lifestyle choices.

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ShabzS3473d ago

the GLAAD needs to play a match of gears 2.... and watch the people t bzg each other... they'd be pisssed man

kaveti66163473d ago

I think Microsoft is trying to keep people from being attacked on Xbox Live due to their sexual orientation. Microsoft tries to maintain a double standard by not allowing people who are straight to say so, either. But the fact is that Xbox Live is filled with people who do use the term gay as an insult, as well as the word f*g. People say that Microsoft discriminates but it seems obvious that MS is trying to remain neutral on the topic of sexuality. Microsoft only cares about money, as they should. They're not interested in our sexual orientations.

green3473d ago

Well they better act fast and find a way of implementing a zero tolerance policy towards homophobia and racism on XBL because IMO they are not doing enough.There is no way in hell they can expand their audience to cater to some of the wii audience with racist and homophobes using the "N" and "gay" words as an insult.

If someone sends a racist or sexiest message to you on XBL and you report it,with the PM still in your mail box, then they should get a one month ban instantly.

themyk3473d ago

i don't condone people being retards. but people should be aloud to say what ever they want. you have a mute button, use it. i don't even have an xbox but the few times i've played on one. it is full of jackasses. you know what i do. i mute them. problem solved.

you can't take someones freedom of speech.

and saying something is gay. has pretty much turned into a whole different meaning.

like when someone says thats bad. when it's actually good.

same as the N word. pretty much means "dude" at this point.

so if i see something stupid or lame. and i say thats gay. i don't mean it's a homo. i just mean it's stupid or lame.

i know quite a few gay people. and they use the "g" and "f" word more than anybody.

just like black people use the "N" word like it's no big deal.

well how come i can't use it like it's no big deal. just cause i'm not gay or black. double standard man.

what eve. people are a little to touchy i think.

pippoppow3473d ago

You can say what you want but you have to pay the price sometimes. Lets face it, if you said whatever it is you thought of some people life in general would be chaotic. Plenty of people I don't like or care about so if I told them what I really thought there wold be alot of tension and ill will. People that spew hate and ill will should be punished in some way. I for one do not want to see the Klan marching through my neighborhood spewing their hate message. So people have a right to throw out people that are disruptive to the community like on Live or any other service. What if someone came up to you and kept saying orrible things about someone you love or lost. I'm sure you'd be upset and want to shut that person up in some manner , not "Well, you have a right to state what you think or feel".

The Killer3473d ago

homosexuality is a disease that is contagious through publicizing/promoting it/their rights etc.

no one is born to be a homo, the fact that all males have penis and all females have vagina proves that.

besides sex is meant for making children but it is an extra that we have good feelings. in case of a women or man who r unable to make children then that is a sickness or disease.

women have vagina and men have penis
women have a hole men have the hole filler.
and from this new life is born.
who ever defies this is mentally sick.

enough said.

menoyou3473d ago

So you're brain is desensitized enough that you're okay with seeing grown man rape each other but you can't handle a little "that's gay" or "[racist comment]"? I think you just need a life.

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